Up Next, Birmingham City Preview

I don’t expect us to make the play offs, but if we do, I reckon we’ll win them. We could win the next 2 games, so anything is possible, regardless of how the season pans out, it’s been brilliant, whilst it’ll be hard not to be frustrated if we just miss out, overall it’s been a blast, especially in the context of the last decade or so.

Are Birmingham any good?

What I’ve seen of them and the league table would suggest they are average.

Teams with nothing to play for generally play with freedom or just roll over for a good seeing too, the latter would be preferable please Birmingham. Although it was just by the odd goal, we were worthy winners down there in November, it feels like an age ago, it was the last game before the World Cup which we all though would be shit, but was brilliant.

Appreciate we are fairly shite at home, but Shirley we can beat their 3rd team?

SAFCBlog predicts …. SAFC 2 vs BCFC 0


Fuck knows what goes on in the treatment room, but I’ve never known a season like it for injuries?

Loan watch

Transfer insider my arse

Amad has been brilliant this season, if he’s not going to play for United, it makes sense for all parties for him to have another season with us?

Amad **

(** not pictured)

Amad* absolutely destroyed Birmingham at their place

(* pictured)

SAFCBlog Competition News

It’s been a while, winner drawn at random,(*). No cranks need enter please, you won’t win.

Famous people from Birmingham

Massive city, so loads of famous types,

Musical genius Mike Skinner, only complete fucking idiots don’t like The Streets.

SAFCBlog – Bang Average at best – FTM

Anyone unfortunate to have read this shite for the last 4 years or so, will know my original motivation and catalyst for writing it. Whilst the quality remains consistent, I’m less prolific than I’ve ever been, going to stick with it I think, but I’ve finally found some peace with the original motivation, that’s a good thing x

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