Up Next Rotherham Away….


There’s a fever building once again on the banks of the River Wear, we are in the last 8, we are obviously the worst team left in the competition – but last 8 is good, so why not eh? #DareToDream

Job done ✅

QPR had a goal disallowed late on at 0-0, at first glance it looked like he may be just onside, but it was correctly, (*), chalked off, shite refs are a factor, but as I said about the Pompey Pitch and the Charlton Ref, they aren’t the only factor? Missing 3 out of their 4 penalties was the defining factor for them last night…..

Tight decision….
Flags up = offside✅
The draw is on Saturday morning, much has been made of us having 4 away games thus far, we are due a home draw – from a selfish point of view, I’d like a trip to Brentford or Spurs, as they’d be new grounds for me…

Division 3 Saturday’s…..

Back to the bread & butter of division 3 football on Saturday

The Town….

This is our closest game geographically, it’s still 111 miles from Wonderland, clubs in the NW, Midlands, London etc don’t know they’re born? It’s very close for me, Wetherby for opening time and then a quick jaunt down the road. Like much of South Yorkshire, (worse than West and much worth than North), the town has seen better days? The traditional industries of Flour Milling,,Glass Blowing and Coal Mining are no more and have been eclipsed by Grooming and being quite near Sheffield.

Famous Faces…..

Fisherman goalie David Seaman and The Chuckle Brother……

The Team…..

They are half decent, they were a bit unlucky last season to come down having amassed 42 points, they will fancy their chances of bouncing straight back?

Tough game this….


We are in a good place in lots of ways, our ownership is responsible, ethical, reliable – as opposed to a pair of jumped up, full of shite pricks from down south, our recruitment has been good, I firmly believe we have the best squad in this division? We all invest a huge amount of emotions in this club, Saturday has the feel of a really big game….. the remit is to gain automatic promotion, Saturday is a huge yardstick as to how likely this is…… losing at Burton was just one of those games, we were tactically naive at Portsmouth, we lacked ideas on Saturday – we need a positive outcome this Saturday…. There’s absolutely no reason not to win on Tuesday at Wednesday…. I’d take a point at Rotherham, 100%

The Management…..

Effortless mixing of textures – Best outfit this season✅

I’ve not, (to date), been a football manager, whilst it’s obviously a good job and a very privileged position, it’s a job that means you are always in the spotlight. Whilst it’s a good job, its real life, no manager should be subject to the type of vilification we regularly see at almost all clubs? Football is a game of opinions, I had a few messages saying I was being harsh on LJ – maybe, but I am desperate for SAFC to succeed, this obviously means I’m desperate for LJ to succeed, my opinion, (hopefully wrong), is I’m not convinced we/he will. As aforementioned it’s a pressure cooker as a gaffer, I’m not saying we are comparable to Man Utd, but their gaffer is under immense pressure…. He has a great squad, he just looks a bit limited vs his managerial counterparts, the quality of their players mean they will dish out a few hammerings, although their shortcomings will see them eventually coming 4th or 5th, that’s not good enough for them. I’m not comparing Karl Robinson or Paul Cook to Pep or Klopp – but 4th or 5th is a disaster for us too? Sincerely hope I’m wrong and I’ll back the Lads 100% as always, no further comment from me, (certainly not negative), on our current management

SAFCBlog Predicts….. RUFC 2 vs SAFC 0, (sorry)

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