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We’ve not got a manager yet, (at the time of writing). We nearly had Gus, until he found out we were in Division 3. It currently looks like we will be getting Danny Cowley – I don’t know a right lot about him. He did well at Lincoln over a long period of time, he was sacked by Huddersfield after 10 months despite being given a 3 year contract and doing ok, at least he’ll know what he’s coming into? I will back and support whoever is lucky enough to be appointed Manager of our fantastic club – It’s a massive job.

As aforementioned I’ll back whoever is in charge, I’ve no fondness for our owners and there’s absolutely no reason to believe or evidence to suggest, that they give a shit about the club or have any clue whatsoever. When Kyle Lafferty scored in our last game at the SOL with supporters, he ran over to our kitman John Cooke, it turned out that Cooke had just lost his dad but worked on regardless. He served 7 years as a player, 25 years as kitman…. the treatment of him this week says everything you need to know about the spineless sycophants who currently own our club.

53.5451°N,2.6325°W…..Wigan …. Gtr Manchester

There’s nowhere ‘Greater than Manchester’, and Wigan is actually part of Gtr Manchester as opposed to Lancashire. It’s almost 7 years to the day since we played them, winning 3-2. I don’t remember loads about the trip, apart from it was N’Diayes debut and it was fucking freezing.

We’ve signed a few players from them in recent years….. most recently Will Grigg, before that, Max Power, Jordi Gomez and Titus Bramble….safe to say they are better at selling than we are at buying?

This blog has been described as many things, Educational is not something that’s ever even levelled at it….. the UK Headquarters of Heinz is in Wigan, they produce in the region of 450 million cans of beans each year. That’s all very interesting, the following is mind blowing…….

  • In 2008 Heinz dropped the word Baked from their product!
  • Over the years the companies have tried to force the likes of Starburst & Snickers upon us. I’ve no idea how many people I know, but I’m 100% confident that not one of them will know that it’s 12 years since they were called Baked Beans?
The produce we all know and love? ….. (quick trip to the kitchen)….
“IT’S TRUE……. well stone the fucking crows and Barrymore me senseless, we genuinely never ever stop learning!”

So what happens at 3pm on Saturday?

I’ve genuinely got absolutely no idea. They are bottom of the league and rubbish, we were absolutely desperate on Tuesday night. You’d have to think we will win, but who knows? It might snow – so that’s something to look forward to about the match.

SAFCBlog Predicts ….. SAFC 3 vs WAFC 3

Hopefully we’ll have a manager soon. KEEP THE FAITH – FTM


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