WBA shower day – Away Days Revisited

WBA shower day – decent Sunderland matches revisited

Summer is shit for sport; whilst I’m a serious journalist now ~ I’m mostly free till August… perfect opportunity to revisit some trips from the past – WBA shower day? Regular readers, (yes, I know), will have absolutely loved the Watford and Manchester City articles. The SAFCBlog media team continue to be inundated with communication…..

Valerie Pocella of Tuscany, wrote, “get a proper job you knobber”

Arthur Badger of Cumbria, wrote, “would you like to come fishing With me? You can sleep in my van”

David Danger of Braintree, kindly offered, “would you like to buy some copper piping? I’m not a gyspy”

Mixed bag with the comments today ~ but cutting edge journalism is always going to polarise opinions?

5 years or so, followed the pattern of….. be crap all season, be great last 6 games ~ job done. After getting humped 5~1 at spurs on a Monday night in April, even Gus alluded to us needing a miracle, (the job was fucked?). Ever the optimist…. arriving home from a 5~1 televised London defeat at 4.10am; as I was helped out of the car by a fat bald man, (show me a real man that hasn’t fallen in a hedge?), The statement was made…… “if we stay up, I’m going to have a shower at a service station on the opening day of next season…” ~ 4am whilst pissed always a good time for making sensible statements/promises???

Prior to becoming a journalist, I’d thought it might be a proper job, (not what I’m looking for), but it’s a piece of piss. Mostly free for the next 6 weeks ~ so seems like the perfect opportunity to revisit “WBA Shower day”……

Having made a rash promise on the way home from spurs …. it would be weak not to have a “lorry driver shower”

WBA shower day
New season ~ cap, scarf, dressing gown, football, socks, slippers ✅ WBA shower day!!!
WBA shower day
“What do you mean…. where are my clothes? I’ve got a cool box of beer and pies” any sponsorship offers to safcblog1@gmail.com
WBA shower day
Memo to self …. if you ever get round to having a service station shower ~ don’t forget a change of clothes! Otherwise you may have the embarrassment of taking your pyjamas off in a lay by???????
WBA shower day
West Brom…… The Vine ~ great pub, cheap ale and great scran
Get in!!!!
Things are on the up ~ Jack Rodwell ; class act
Albert Steptoe ~ we made this man a rich man



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