Wednesday – Sheffield Wednesday Away

SAFCBlog reports on all matches, I’m fortunate to attend almost all of the matches, we are back in Sheffield next Wednesday to play United, for various reasons I’m unable to make the game tonight. Although The Show Must Go On, it Shirley can’t be any worse, (*), than reporting on 46 games played behind Closed Covid Doors? Fortunately enough tonights game is live on TV…..

The schedule is mental, we haven’t lost a competitive game since February. Not losing games is great, although we have 6 games in 20 days, the need to not lose games is eclipsed by the need to prioritise games? I’d expect, (and be pleased to see a load of changes for tonights game). Every game matters, but I’ve got mixed feelings about tonight, an away draw at Forest Green would be great for me, but we ain’t winning the cup and a tie against The Mags, would be a nightmare?

11 changes ✅⚽️ Every chance for those given a chance to impress?

Armchair Fan?

Guilty as charged✅⚽️?⚪️
Local game tonight too? Less so when you are having lunch 275 miles away at 1.30pm⛳️

TV it is then⚽️✅

0-1 Great strike

0-2 56 minutes.

If I was at the game I’d be walking back to the car now

It’s a wrap✅“

All about Saturday – FTM

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