Wembley…..11 Sleeps….. That’s All….

Last night I was nervous, since 10pm last night I’ve been excited, writing this shite can at times be draining, God, (**), only knows how reading it must feel at times? But….. the Wembley Countdown is on, so as always….. no need to like, share, retweet etc.

Last Friday the Sunderland Echo gave lazy column inches to William Storey, I actually quite like James Hunter at the Newcastle Chronicle, but their website is more chaotic than being on Speed at a Streets Gig…..I used to look at the SAFC Messageboards, but there’s only so much you can read about the favourite flavour of crisps from Super fans……, I like watching Shaun Middleton, he’s just a great bloke and a decent presenter…..life is tough enough without listening to the Podcasts….. and last nights Sheff Weds TV broadcast via SKY was a disgrace by all accounts? So maybe, just maybe, I’m not Blogging a dead cause after all?


Read > don’t read > matters not > FTM

1 More Game……

Fucking love May til August, no footie… woof woof”
“Whooooahhhh knobhead……Fucking Kennels man? in fucking May? Woof, woof ya lousy tinpot lower league jobber…..”

Last Night……

Still buzzing, really buzzing….. tomorrow > 10 sleeps til Wembley > more cutting edge journalism – FTM

How excited is *too excited?*….. (asking for 55’000 friends)

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