Wembley Week ~ 5 sleeps, that’s all…..

So, I don’t have that many friends, there’s a man, (Kev), who works in a fuel station on the A64, he’s always read the blog, I popped in today for a Ginsters and Coke Zero… ”I don’t read it anymore, I sometimes listen to the song….” ….. ”yeah cheers knobhead, I’ll purchase my White Chocolate Magnums elsewhere moving forward”

SAFCBlog…… yawn….. shite read✅ imagine writing this shite daily?

We all know the drill, what will be will be come 5pm Saturday….. enjoy the day, got a few pals taking kids, most will be travelling with pals or family …. please enjoy every moment.

”early goal and we’ll be ok?…….”

This time……

Win Saturday? FFS, can we just please fucking win? Do Wycombe even have a shite blog? FTM

Unconditional….. but let’s just fucking win eh?

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