Boris says…… Let us Play, (Amen)

Boris says....let us play

Boris says we’re going to Blackpool

“The man from Downing Street…… he say…… Yah”

I don’t think there was much chance of us not playing on Saturday, but at least, (it looks like), we’ll be allowed to go and watch the game. As Boris rightly said in his address earlier, (**), The Blog Must Go On…,

** didn’t happen)

Bingo ✅….. no mention of quality of content?

Latest score…….

Long way to go, but…….SAFCBlog 1 Vs BatFlu 0

Just a game?

Yep, of course it is, it goes without saying that the health and well-being of just 1 person is more important than football. 

SAFCBlog is acutely aware of this, I don’t have a proper job, (away from blogging), as such – but I do volunteer a few days a week in a sector that has been decimated by the current situation. Ultimately this blog is about football and fun – so please don’t send me any more emails saying I’m not taking this Bat Eaters Flu seriously.

It’s looking like…….

“All roads lead to Blackpool?”

Not all roads???

Just 1 road really? SAFCBlog missed last seasons visit due to warm weather training, BUT….. Saturdays drive west will be the 11th visit SAFCBlog has made on the A59 to watch the Red and White Wizards of Wonderland exactly 365 days since the inception of SAFCBlog……. I’m confident of 3 points on Saturday, aside from a nothing game at Fleetwood, we’ve had a good year in the North West….

Boris says we are going to Blackpool
Accrington, (W), Rochdale, (W), Fleetwood, (L), Accrington, (W)
Rochdale, (W), Burnley, (W), Accrington, (W), Bolton, (D)
Fleetwood, (D), Tranmere, (W)…… Blackpool, (TBC)

New Years Day 2020……

SAFC Blog at Fleetwood on New Years Day

No better way to start a new decade than watching SAFC – whilst New Years Eve remains popular for people who need to get out more and get excited about fireworks – it means nowt to SAFCBlog. Arriving in Fleetwood accompanied by an idiot with a beard, far surpassed any of the New Years Eve options.

Part of the beauty of going away with Sunderland, is you literally talk to people you’ve never met every time you go. Fleetwood was a small allocation, (1100 ish), so it was the usual faces. 

At 2.55pm a gentlemen introduced himself…. he’d walked from Blackpool to Fleetwood, 7 miles! He’d eaten 8 tangerines during his walk and was going to write to the council because there were no bins between Blackpool and Fleetwood….. irrelevant?✅ But…….. in a round about way, that is why, it’s great we can go to the game on Saturday, football without fans is nothing, you can have the biggest TV money can buy, but…… not everything can be purchased?

The Las Vegas of Lancashire……

As documented in the previous article, Blackpool is a Mecca of Entertainment. Although…… it’s all about Saturday now..

Things for Sunderland fans to do in Blackpool
“Failing to prepare = Preparing to fail?”

Boris says....let us play

As aforementioned loads to do in Blackpool…. but who wants to do loads?

Only 1 show in town I’d say………we’re going to Blackpool


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See you in Blackpool 

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