Wigan At Home……. In Review

“Oi oi saveloy……. got ere as quick as I could Bro…. didn’t realise I was gonna be working today guv….”

New man at the helm……

Lee Johnson got the job then, to be fair the list of realistic, available candidates was stronger than it has been for a while. I’d have been happy with Paul Cook, Cowley obviously tempting, on balance Johnson is a very strong appointment. Welcome to Sunderland Lee, someone is going to get it right, it’s a massive job and a massive club, but the potential rewards are mindblowing. Good luck to you, SAFCBlog will back the boss as it always does. From a fashion perspective, it’s a great appointment, Lee loves a nice jacket.

I’m sure all SAFC fans will join me in wishing him every success, as ultimately if he does well, we’ll all be very happy. I’ve pretty much given up commenting on our current owners, football is like no other business, but it remains a business. Bringing ‘good people’ into any organisation is obviously a positive thing, a bigger influence on our fortunes is more about getting ‘less good people’ out of our organisation…..

Todays game…….

If ever there was a decent opening game to have…… home to bottom of the league is it?

Pre Teamsheet Teamsheet thoughts……

Surely Burge replaces Matthews? Expect to see 4 at the back. I would imagine Will Grigg will start, whilst it’s a bit of a flawed logic, but anyone outside of SAFC rightly finds its hard to comprehend just how bad Will has been for us, it’s natural to play him. Anyway as I always have, I wish Will well, new start etc…..

Teams not announced yet…… that’s how confident I am!

I guess there’s a chance of McGeady coming in for Embleton. I hope this is not the case. Even if he does fancy McGeady, you’d have to think he would be on the bench given his lack of game time?

Actual Teamsheet Teamsheet thoughts……

Pretty much as predicted, no surprises ….
And the cynic in me thought these calendars were just thrown together?

We can only look forward, no benefit in looking back, we’ve all got opinions. Surely we should absolute smash these today? I hope so, just as I hope that we will win every game. Let’s Stay Classy and Look Forward, there are a number of players in our team who really do owe it to themselves and others to improve on what they’ve offered this season? Goals win games, games win leagues and of course the reverse applies – let’s move forward. We have no entitlement or divine right to be higher up the league pyramid that tier 3….. but fucking hell…… let’s get out of this league and restore this club towards where it should be…..

SAFCBlog Predicts …. SAFC 3 vs WAFC 0

3pm ….. GAME ON!!!

3.15pm……. probably the first time they’ve been in our half, shocking defending from Bailey Wright, great finish to be fair… 0-1

3.20pm…… whilst we’ve bossed possession, we get our first chance…. McGeady should probably score, but doesn’t.

3.35pm…… Keeper makes hard work of a shot from Scowen

Half time…… SAFC are a tough watch at times! Not very good once again, I was thinking that teams seem to raise their game against us, I’m wondering whether we just make them look better than they are?

Poor 45, but realistically Wigan aren’t great. Come the end of the season it can be guaranteed the margins will be fine – big 45 coming up……. absolutely no reason not to turn this game around? Goal before 65 minutes and we’ll win this!

2nd half…….

Fucking hell, maybe the 1st half wasn’t that bad?

60 minutes…… decent chance, decent header from Scowen, decent save. Come on lads, come April/May 3 points will be huge?


73 minutes……. if I was at the stadium it would be decision time….. where I sit, I have to leave before 76 minutes, otherwise I can’t get out of the car park til 5.30pm, (yes, it’s the posh seats). All a bit weird, I feel like switching off and leaving, but where do I go? I could go and sit in the car, but it seems a bit daft?

76 minutes……..that’s it, I’m here for the duration

85 minutes……. computers are clever, I get all that cookies shite, it’s almost as if the computer got wind of my leaving early thoughts, and froze?

Even my phone has stopped playing the stream now, just waiting for Jeff as telling to confirm it finished 0-1…….

“Believable Jeff….. Believable “

Fucking big job this Lee….. SAFCBlog wishes you every success – FTM

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