Will Grigg, what’s happening?

Will Grigg Sunderland AFC

Will Grigg’s On Fire Not At Sunderland

Will Grigg, What’s Happening?

Will Grigg Sunderland AFC
Will Grigg – proven L1 goalscorer …. rewind 14 months…. yes I was disappointed to see Maja depart, but I was delighted to see this fella arrive?

Holding out for a hero

Will Grigg pictured the day after signing for Sunderland
Grigg, (pictured right), the day after he signed….
Will Grigg (circled) playing for Sunderland at Rochdale
SAFCBlog didn’t quite make it as a professional footballer….. the adulation must be amazing, and every single minute should be cherished ?

What went wrong?

SAFCBlog is not on the Christmas card list of our owner.. but it’s arguably fair comment that he chased Grigg like a love sick pony and got his leg lifted on the price?

Expectation in footie is tough? Perhaps if when he rounded the keeper vs Blackpool in his 1st home game, he’d have rolled the ball into an empty net…. things would have been different?

SAFCBlog has been critical of Will Grigg in the past…. in fact forget that, I’ve been critical of his performances. It’s been well documented on various social media platforms…. but in short, looking like you don’t give a shit is actually worse than not giving a shit?

I don’t know Will Grigg, from afar as a fan, I’m not sure he looks to be in the best place?

Last season was depressing and draining as a fan – I’m sure it was no different as a player?

Expectation = Pressure?

Reality vs Expectation can be a nightmare?

But he’s playing shite?

We have lots of frontmen putting a right shift in, the reality is Grigg, (potentially), is the best striker we have by a country mile? It’s not worked so far….. but I wasn’t thrilled when we signed Defoe or Anichebe???? The beauty of football is that each game is a new chapter?

So……. has SAFCBlog.com completely lost the plot?

Dogs looking shocked
“Grigg???”….. “Will Grigg?”


I just write a shite blog, I do however have a grasp on the wellbeing of folk – primarily through my working life, but in equal measure through my pals. SAFCBlog is built on positivity and having a laugh – I’ll be honest, Grigg has frustrated me hugely….. hands up, I acknowledge the last thing he needs is criticism?

So here’s the deal……..

Haway Will lad
Whilst the media is much maligned….. SAFCBlog and Deidre’s photo casebook are not guilty of such folly? BUT….. Will, give Deidre a call and tell her to stick her photo casebook where the sun doesn’t shine???
“Never look back……. life’s rich tapestry offers ups and downs a plenty?”

Football is an emotional carry on…. but it’s real life? Hero to zero and zero to hero are par for the course?

Surely not…….Will Grigg’s on fire

Why the fuck not? I’ll back anyone in red and white. We are crying out for a goalscorer, If…….yes if…..Will Grigg’s on fire just have said goalscorer? Let’s remember we are tighter at the back than a scotch man from North Leeds in a Yorkshire Pudding Discount Store? So someone scoring 6 goals in 11 games may well = 15 points?

Water under the bridge……..

Ha’way Will…. lets fucking do this?

SAFCBlog and overthinking……..

There is an argument that SAFCBlog should perhaps secure a proper job?

Of course I overthink most things SAFC……..it’s probably irrelevant, but I feel uncomfortable with calling Grigg out on previous occasions. Realistically, he’s not done his job overly well in the last 14 months, but this is real life, and real life is fucking hard? So……. 11 games to go, SAFCBlog is holding out for a hero………worry not, SAFCBlog is not about to champion Bonnie Tyler….. more so let’s hope for a resurrection??? Given we’re giving the play offs a miss this season, I guess, the resurrection won’t be televised?……


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