Wimbledon Again in Preview……

One downfall of previewing every game is that we play everyone twice, add to this getting stuck in this division for 3 years and then add the fact that we are playing a team we played a month ago, the danger of repetition is rife.

The Don(s)……

They stayed up last season when the EFL invoked a clause that, allowed teams to vote to stay up and relegate the team below you, who have won 3 on the spin, plus you’ve still got to play them and they have a game in hand……they’re not much better this term. They looked ok last month at the SOL, although we had The Flu and realistically we shouldn’t have played, the 1-1 draw at the SOL represents their only point from their last 6 league outings.

I’m not sure I’ll ever get used to not being able to go to games, but if there was one game I’d love to have gone to this season, this is definitely it. Day out in London and a rare opportunity to visit a ground I’ve not been to, I’ve seen Wimbledon play at Plough Lane, Selhurst Park, Kingstonian & The National Hockey Stadium. An inaugural trip to their new stadium will have to wait for the time being.

Wimbledon, SW19, 51.4813°N,02206°W

Proper swanky area, famous throughout the world for its Annual Tennis Gala

Round 1, What happened next?”…….really not sure where you’d begin?

Whilst We all know London is a sprawling metropolis, it’s also blessed with some of the most wonderful communal open spaces. Whilst Hampstead Heath was is linked to The Cottagers of Fulham FC, Wimbledon has it’s very own common, made mega famous by The Wombles…..

‘Living like Common People’…..Wombles – collect all sorts of shite*,
*(no mattresses or paint)

🎵🎶🎼“North East, countrywide, stuck in tier 3……The Wizards of Wonderland magic are we…..more than 1 point we desperately seek…..although we tend to draw every fucking week” 🎶 🎼 🎵

It’s very rare this blog gets any praise, this week I had 2, (two), messages to say the Papa don’t Preach reference was decent! So I’ll be sticking with that theme indefinitely moving forward….. SAFCBlog predicts a 2-0 win on Saturday, we then host Plymouth and visit Shrewsbury…..

Coming soon at SAFCBlog….. 🎵Plymouth Strikes Again🎵 And 🎶Goodbye Ruby Shrewsbury🎼……What a time to be alive?


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