Winning at Wembley – One week later

Last Saturday was brilliant, I wouldn’t say it’s a distant memory, but life with no footie is a bit shite? God, (**), only knows how we managed a full season of not going to the match?

Friggin’ in the riggin’, cos there’s fuck all else to do….

I like going to football, I like my family, I like playing golf….. not the most appealing bio, but when there’s no footie it’s tough….

Close season day zero….✅✅✅

Close season day 1…..✅
Close season day 2…..✅

Close season day 3…… graft❌

Close season day 4…..✅
Close season ….. Day 5 ✅ 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Close season …… Day 6…. gardening ❌

Close season day 7 ✅

All roads lead to Saturday 30th July 2022….

If Carlsberg did Away Days, (and wasn’t absolute gnat’s pish), next season would be it…..”
  • My favourite away days are in the NW, (nice drive and not too far),loads of them next season…. Preston, Blackpool, Wigan, Burnley & Blackburn, (plenty of large allocations too)✅
  • Some class London trips✅
  • If we hadn’t gone up we’d have Plymouth, Exeter & Portsmouth✅
  • Only arduous trips are….. Cardiff, (great city✅), Bristol City, (91 of 92 current league grounds for me✅), Swansea, (next to Celtic Manor ⛳️✅), & Norwich, (just a bit shit❌)
Can’t wait ⚽️🔴⚪️⚽️……. Forest promoted yesterday, last time Forest were in the Premier League, SAFC won The Championship with 105 points✅

Just a game?

Absolutely, it is just a game, a very good game – but still just a game. There’s more important stuff in life and there’s loads of other stuff to do, but….. I still really miss footie.

“62 sleeps….. that’s all…..”

Pre Season…..

Pre season games are shite, I’ll go and watch the 2 games in portugal though….

Next Season……

I’m delighted to be in The Championship next season, lots of crap, small clubs replaced with better, bigger clubs. Much will depend on economics, but i’m fairly optimistic about the season. We need some new players, but we’ve got some class young players and a brilliant manager, there’s also a positive vibe around the club for the first time in ages? Back to back promotions? Yep✅⚽️ 100%

So….. What’s going to happen?

Who knows……

A……. we piss it✅
B……. we struggle, but stay up ✅

C…… competitive > stabilise > finish mid table✅
D…… same as C, but with 6 games to go and 43’000 at games, we kick on and get in the play offs✅
A, B, C or D…… regardless, (and I really don’t think it will be B), Alex Neil is the man – 100%✅

Still waiting for an official response from the club as to when Alex Neil got changed last Saturday, I’ve emailed them every day, (9 times), once they reply I’ll communicate the answer
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