Winning League One ~ Part 2/2.

Winning League One Sunderland

Winning League One – Part 2/2.

Having predicted Sunderland will be winning League One next season and following on from the how and why’? (Part 1). Welcome to Part 2/2. Last week, 6 key areas were cited….Being Braver, Duncan’s fitness, keeping the keeper, Jack Ross, O’Nien & Dylan bossing midfield and Will Grigg at least looking like he gives a shit on the odd occasion. Whilst it may look like I’ve written Grigg off? Nothing could be further from the truth, if you think I have, please read Part 1 and what I had to say about him and the fantastic opportunity he has to be a hero. For anyone not already convinced, there’s loads more reasons why we can win the league.

Winning League One – Youth

For too many years, we’ve persisted with the same old approach of playing experience, playing safe etc…  The maths of drawing every week is quite simple ~ we need to win more games. We’ve got some great young players, just throw them in Jack, let’s get the swagger back in our stride, (especially at home).  We’ve obviously got no divine right to win games ~ but there’s some real shit in this league and we should surely be smashing some teams at home? Most of our opponents have had their “cup final trip to the SOL” ~ let’s see to it that they are terrified to come here next season. Get the young talent involved from the off, (who’d have thought this time last year that Maja would be so prolific in front of goal? Winning League One part 2 Despite being our last good kit ~ it’s time to look forward not back. Winning League One le the youth play Time for the youth to step up – Bali Mumba Winning League One Sunderland
Time for potential to become reality ~ this lad has the lot
Obviously it needs to the right mix, but as highlighted in Part 1, I’m of the belief that McGeough, (If fully fit), will be our best player next season.

Sunderland Loan Signings

Stop taking players on loan from top clubs, they aren’t interested in being here.  We’ve been doing it for years, in the premiership we used to take City and Liverpool players just because of who they played for. League 1 is a tough school ~ with the best will in the world ~ young lads from Chelsea do not want to play vs Lincoln City….. Sunderland Loan Signings Clarke~Salter, soon worked out getting sent off gives you time off? Januzaj Signed on loan for Sunderland JANUZAJ ~ translates from Belgiumish to gutless shower of shite and weak as piss Winning League One Sunderland loan signingsFucking Sunderland? You’re kidding me? Can’t I go to Brentford or Charlton Academicals?”

The Sunderland fans – Winning League One

We are fucking mint. Sell out every week on our travels, season ticket sales are good… Sunderland fans at Gilingham on a Tuesday night “Local Derby at Gillingham on a Tuesday night” Winning League One SunderlandLunchtime kick off on SKY you say?” Still 5000 there!! But…. important we keep doing what we are doing?  Last year was ultimately a failure on the pitch. Passions and frustrations naturally run high ~ there was tension at Fleetwood and Southend amongst our following. As it becomes more and more apparent that Selfie King Stewie Donald, probably needed us to go up ~ let’s not get too divided. Especially as the silly twats up the road are about to totally lose the plot with the appointment of Fatty Bruce?  Let’s leave them to shout at shops, punch horses and draw on bedsheets…. Newcastle punch horses The gift that keeps on giving Steeve Bruce Newcastle Manager Mrs Doubtfire 2 ~ in cinemas this July Steve Bruce Sunderland Winning League One Got to love Mike Ashley BIG SAM!!! Even Sam turned the Mags down

Forget the Cup Competitions

Forget about them.  We aren’t winning the FA or MILK CUP?  We were joint winners of the EFL CUP last season after our draw with Portsmouth at Wembley, and that wasn’t very exciting? Fixture backlog and games in hand did us no favours whatsoever. Sunderland at Wembley Cups are a nice day out but we need to focus on winning League One 

The next few weeks

I’m of the firm belief that we 100% have the right manager in place. We also have more than enough depth and quality in the existing squad to win this league, (lots underperformed last season for lots of reasons). But……. whatever your view of the ownership, takeover etc.. I’m genuinely concerned all is far from well.  Love and Catts released with a year to go? Are we deferring payments or part paying them off? Not concerned losing them as players ~ but it’s a worry?  Hopefully I’ll be proved wrong by us signing Maddison for example. But in my, (uneducated), opinion ~ we gambled on going up and lost the bet? The next few weeks will reveal all as to how bad, (or good), things are. Game of opinions as always ~ but I suspect their will be lots of opinions, when the Club Accounts are released on 31 July? Wiining League One investment needed from our ownerLove our new seats Stuart ~ can we get padded ones like these next time please?”

Player discipline

“Off you go”

The Referees in this League are shite. To be fair ~ this is acceptable to an extent. The refs in the Premiership are ok, worse in the Championship etc etc But ~ we need to stop getting men sent off! It’s got to be easier with 11 men than 10?

A fair share of luck

Bit of a random one but a bit of good luck can be huge?  For example Barnsley were desperate at Walsall, and were hanging on for 0~0; they got a scrappy 94th minute goal to win the game and it completely changed the direction of their season in terms of momentum and going on a winning run, (which I doubt they would have done without that late winner?). Admit this is clutching a straws a little bit, but a few breaks wouldn’t go amiss? To be fair, we probably got exactly what we deserved last season? We weren’t deserving of automatic promotion and we didn’t deserve to win vs Charlton at Wembley. Winning League One a bit of luck needed
Nothing like a bit of good fortune?
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