Wonderland Smash Wimbledon in Attacking Masterclass…..

Whilst we can’t go to games, there’s no shortage of excitement- 55 minutes til The Chase, under 3 hours til The Match. Last time we won 4-0 away, we followed it up with losing 0-4 at home, I’m 100% sure that won’t happen tonight. That was in the Premiership and this is Division 3 and crucially, we had Dour Scotch Dave then, now we have  Magic Johnson⚽️✅. We all know only too well, that SAFC and expectation don’t fit well together? But….. surely  we’ll hammer these soon to be Tier 3 Tennis Tinpot Jobbers tonight?

Who knows what Tier we’ll be in next week? It’s possible that a lucky few may be able to go and watch us play Blackpool next week, but it’s highly unlikely. The Government have announced that there’s a 5 day period over Christmas when you definitely can’t catch the virus, not sure what that means re: attending football? I’ve got absolutely no idea, it’s fucking bonkers when you see packed High Streets and empty football grounds? 

“Bizarrely we were due to play Blackpool the last time I harboured any hope of going to a game way back in March”

Team 1 vs Regime 0, (Friel, 22)​

I absolutely hate what has been done to our club by our current owners. Football is one of the many sectors we invest time and money in, if it were anything other than seeing the match, I wouldn’t pay £10 to watch it – I begrudge giving them a single penny, I admire anyone who decides not to. Anyway, it might be their club on the papers, but it’s not it’s ours and we will be here loud and proud long after they’ve jogged on.

“Ya, ya, these are Northerners, they don’t understand, most of them can’t read, they have gravy on everything and they have cold peas in their ham sandwiches”

Pre Teamsheet Teamsheet thoughts……

We played on Saturday and won 4-0, this would suggest no need for any changes? This season is very intense in terms of how quickly the games come round, Wigan and MK are testament to not approaching games lightly, but you’d have to think it’ll be a stiffer test at Shrewsbury on Saturday than it will be tonight? Leadbitter has been brilliant this season, but he will need a rest at some point. Scowen must be a doubt after picking up a knock on Saturday, so I guess there will be one of these two not starting tonight. The fact that Dan Neil wasn’t in the U23 squad yesterday suggests he will be involved?

Wyke has been class this season, not only have Graham and Grigg been poor, they don’t look particularly arsed. Mitch Curry continues to impress and bagged another 2 for the U23s yesterday, so he probably deserves a chance to sit on the bench ahead of the G Farce? I’m not sure whether playing yesterday rules him out? I used to play Saturday morning, get absolutely loaded Saturday and then play Sunday morning – but the professional game seems to be a bit more cautious. 

The only other change might be if he fancies Maguire ahead of McGeady?


McLaughlin Flanagan Wright McFadzean

        Diamond Leadbitter Power Neil 



Actual Teamsheet Teamsheet thoughts……


Absolutely fucking mental……. we’ve had games postponed due to International call ups of Flanagan to play 10 minutes and Will Grigg to scratch his arse in hotel room in Moldova….. EFL? Fucking scandalous?
Consistently United 0 vs Random Rovers 1, (Hancock, 13, pen)

It’s early days for Johnson, I’m really surprised he’s worn a Club Issue Coat, on the touchline so far, hopefully he’ll be looking a bit smarter tonight. Wimbledon gaffer Glynn Hodges had a good playing career and he’s doing a good job managing Wimbledon – but he’s a tracksuit man, which is fine – I doubt he even owns a pair of street shoes, hopefully Lee will wear an appropriate coat tonight?


Unchanged United 0 vs Bat Flu Rovers 1, (Wu-Tang Clan , 16)

SAFCBlog Match Prediction amended due to COVID….. New prediction. SAFC 2 vs All England Tennis Club  1

7pm …… GAME ON……

6.59pm….. on the back foot already!

7.20pm…… shit game, but going ok. Shape looks decent.

20 minutes gone…. 2020; what a year?

After playing Lincoln in a matching kit, Burge has turned up tonight wearing a Wimbledon kit? Historically the EFL were all over kit clashes ….

SAFCBlog contacted the EFL, who didn’t issue the following statement….”you can get fucked Sunderland, we need you in L1, not the likes of Wycombe, so get fucked you tier 3 bell ends” (statement ends)

42 minutes…… no need for VAR…. definite penalty to them. It’s one thing fouling someone who looks like scoring, fouling someone who looks like they might get a cross in, isn’t great. 0-1

HALF TIME….. we’ve not been very good. Realistically 0-0 would be fair? 3 weeks ago it would have been Phil Parkinson’s fault? Tonight it’s the EFLs fault? For me….. players = piss poor, really need to offer more 2nd half?

Cause & Effect…… we probably shouldn’t have had to play tonight. But let’s not lose sight of the events of the 1st 45 minutes….. just as it wasn’t the fault of Parkinson that we missed 6 sitters in 4 games…..we can argue we shouldn’t be playing, but….has any one of these professional footballers really done themselves justice tonight? COME ON LADS…… BETTER 2nd HALF PLEASE!!

61 minutes….. controlling the game. Great finish from Goal Machine Bailey Wright⚽️ 1-1….. absolutely no reason not to win this game now

64 minutes….. they hit the bar

80 minutes…… looking like 1-1 all day long, as discussed it’s probably harsh we had to play, but I’m not convinced any of the 11 can go home to their missus, (or Mr), and say, “I played well tonight love, what’s for tea, is Ian Beale OK”. 75 minutes for Grigg, words continue to fail me. I don’t know if we paid a fee for O’Brien, but it’s not looking like a good deal?

90 minutes…… 3 minutes of added time…. it could be 33 and it wouldn’t make a lot of difference? Poor tonight. On a positive note, ordinarily I’d get home at 12.30am thoroughly pissed off, now I can be pissed off in the comfort of my own home and still watch Masterchef. 

FULL TIME….. piss poor. Yep COVID played it’s part, but let’s not hide…. we were poor, we didn’t deserve to win. There’s always excuses, but as aforementioned…. aside from Leadbitter, Burge and Diamond has anyone else had a good day at work?


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