Wycombe away pre, preview…..

Loads happening at the club, takeover off it would seem, new manager incoming…… SAFCBlog is 100% geared towards the best interests of the club. Huge few days ahead off the pitch…. sadly the cynicism SAFCBlog has always had towards our owners, could well be coming home to roost? Hopefully not….. but to coin a phrase often used with the fine group of people I sit with…..”the jobs fucked Sam”.

Actually quite relieved to have a match to preview….. slight stumbling block in that…

  • Their manager was nearly our manager?
  • He’s still their manager?
  • Sounds like he’s going to become Millwall manager before Saturday?
  • We don’t have a manager?
  • We will hopefully get a manager?

With the aforementioned in mind, I’ll tentatively preview the game – but I’ll revisit later in the week.

Wycombe Away Pre, Preview
Wycombe…. we saw…. we conquered”
“SAFCBlog predicts a 2-0 win on Saturday”


  • They were non league not long ago
  • They had Martin O’Neil as manager, (before he was shit)
  • They play in a rugby style kit
  • They were horrible last year
Sunderland v Wycombe away preview
Last year …. horrible bastards
Jack Ross, (2nd left, hands in pockets), almost had to get involved, (sweaty 3rd tier footballers scrapping is no place for a man sporting 30 degree, (delicate wash), merino knitwear?
  • They’ve got a fat lad up front
Wycombe Away Pre, Preview
If your names not down, you’re not coming in! Now fuck off”


  • I’ve only ever been for the footie and it was a bit shit
  • Proximity to London a bonus for working types?


Wycombe golfer
Former world number 1 – Luke Donald
“if I ever learn to swing it like this, I’ll sack the blog off and play golf every day?”
James Corden from Wycombe who play Sunderland
Fat funny man James Corden
Wycombe Away Pre, Preview
Supermodel, Heather Stewart-Whyte, (SAFCBlog01@gmail.com Heather)

Whilst SAFCBlog will revisit this preview once both teams have a new manager?

Anyone who reads the blog on a regular basis, (??), will know that SAFCBlog attends most matches… I’ll not be at Wycombe; my tickets have gone free to a really good home…

Wycombe Away Pre, Preview against Sunderland
Gutted – can’t make it

Childish approach, but SAFCBlog applies the following logic when I miss a game….

  • I treat it as a party I’ve not been invited to
  • When I miss a game I’m normally abroad, I can handle this, as I have better offer than to said party and I can pretend I’m not arsed about missing the match
  • When I miss a game when I’m at home, I hate it. In a grown up manner, I pretend the game isn’t happening and sometimes don’t even check the score til circa 7pm
Missing a match whilst on holiday – decent
Missing a match whilst at home – shite

So….. back tomorrow with managerial news and I’ll have another go at a match preview later this week…..

just time for some tremendous tunes…….

Social media has been through the mill the last week or so; ultimately it’s a changing world…… not that long since video stitched up radio?

Never easy missing a Saturday 3pm kick off… contingency plans in place…… golf, walk dogs, hopefully get to York vs Stockport 5.20pm kickoff? Failing that, I’ll sit in my pants inside listening to electro pop….. as luck would have it, (true story), 23 years ago I met Mrs SAFCBlog when she was working as a waitress in a cocktail bar……


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