“Wycombe….. We Come…. We Score….We Conquer….”

Wycombe is a crap away day, to their credit they plied their trade in Division 2 last season, much has been made of the fact they went up on points per game? I’ve no issue with that, there was a bigger crime at the foot of the table in terms of injustice where Tranmere got royally shafted? Ultimately, self preservation comes to the fore, the real issue was the EFL being weak as piss? That said, we only had ourselves to blame?

Covid? …. Points per Game?…. Spineless EFL? ….. ultimately we gassed it?
Essentially a straight line? See you there👍⚽️🔴⚪️✅
Fucking hell….. let’s just get promoted lads


I’m genuinely not arsed about likes, shares or any of that hashtag bollocks…… whilst this is easy to say, I’m really not, I could put ads and links on this site and coin circa £180 a month, it’s just not my bag. Now that’s nothing to be proud of, arguably it’s a bit daft, but I’ll live with that; although Brenda from Wetherby has emailed to say, what happened to the fun feature where you gave some fun facts about the town? Wise words Brenda……

Famous Wycombe Folk……

Luke Donald…..

“Firm wrists, soft hands Luke, let the loft elevate the ball….. simples ⛳️“

Heston Blumenthal….. golf is fucking hard, cooking is an absolute piece of piss

“Right Heston…… I’ve got Kris Day waiting for a dirty kebab and Gaz Summerson waiting for a cow with its tail chopped off and it’s arse wiped….. help me out here….”

We will win Saturday….. 100%

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