Wycombe @ Wembley – Just 9, (nine), Kips…..

Not long now, most reading this will have plans in place, whether it be tickets, buses, trains, hotels etc or plans to watch in boozer or with family etc. Seeing your team play at Wembley is exciting, the notion of it being a great place to win, only has veracity if one acknowleges that it’s the worst place in the world to lose?

This time?……..

What If?……

We are a much bigger club than Wycombe, that means nowt, we have no entitlement, divine right etc to beat Wycombe. I was genuinely worried about playing MK Dons, I thought we’d struggle to beat them, I’m much less worried about playing Wycombe, not because I’m being arrogant, disrespectful, assumptious etc, I just reckon we’ll have too much for Wycombe. However confident I am, (and whatever the reasons for said confidence), we can lose this game….. I’m going to continue en le, (on the🇫🇷), route of not even thinking about losing…..I’ll be honest, I’m not sure I’ll have the words to blog, if the worst happened? every cloud I guess?

SAFCBlog League 1 2022/23……. please God, (*), no

World Tour…. Media Whore….Please the Press in Belgium…”

It’s 1153 days, 782’000 views & 846 articles, (edge cutters), since I started writing this shite to remember our promotion at the 1st attempt from League 1……

“Ou Est Le Graphs? 🇫🇷“

I’ve not, (to date), got any formal qualifications in Visual representation of mathematical statistics with a leaning towards France …… but once the fat brown hairy bastard who I share an office with, stops eating my fucking pens, there will be no stopping me….

Le Chien est un greedy fucker 🇫🇷, (joue les opinions)

Blogging a Dead Cause…..

Not quite friggin in the riggin, but borderline as to how much I have to do…… next instalment soon👍

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