“Your Names Not Down…. You’re Not Coming in”

“Let us in……”

Global Pandemics are a Royal pain in the arse. SAFCBlog is conscious of the importance of doing the right thing, life is precious, the NHS are fucking mint etc…. but can we go and watch some socially distanced football please? 

This is the 451st article from SAFCBlog – quantity is beating quality. After penning todays title, I felt the need to find something relevant regarding bouncers….

6 episodes, April 1987 til May 1987….. one of the best programmes ever made kids

May 1987….. SAFC were  getting relegated to the 3rd tier for the first time ever….BUT….it’s not a problem, clubs of our size always come straight back up?

Bouncer Bank Holidays….

“All Erinsborough aren’t we?”
“It’s a dogs life….”

Full house? Empty House? Doors open?

At some stage we’re going to have to look at ‘opening doors?’

Ch Ch Ch Choices…. at some stage, we’re going to have to choose whether we want to go to the game?

“It’s Saturday…. choose breakfast beers, choose train cans, choose pubs, choose kebabs, choose goals, choose pies, choose service stations, choose crisps, choose escapism, choose random, choose wonderland, choose Sunderland…. choose life”

Choice United 0 vs No Choice Rovers 2

All football is mint, non league footie is the heartbeat of football and offers loads to local communities. Whilst not comparing eggs with eggs….. there’s 3 games within 15 minutes of my gaff that are allowing up to 150 spectators tomorrow, (good luck to them)….BUT….if clubs with a capacity of 1200 can host 150 fans, surely we can accommodate anyone daft enough to want to watch our friendly tomorrow? I can go and be part of a 150 crowd tomorrow in a ground that holds 1200…. but I can’t go and watch a game in a crowd of say 6’000 in a stadium with 48’500 seats – that cannot be right? 

Wycombe Watch….

EFL Incompetence Rovers 0 vs Just Wrong Rovers 6

“Wycombe in U turn, having refused to play their remaining league 1 games, they now seem happy to play?”

Harrogate Town AFC

We’ll win tomorrow, but quite a story. Harrogate is my home town, it’s nice, it’s always had a non league team. They got to the a Conference two years ago…. that pretty much achieved the dream? They are now in the Football League, a fantastic achievement.

Blogging a Dead Horse…..

‘What a time to be alive???’ Articles forthcoming for the next 3 days….

SATURDAY – match report

SUNDAY – Away kit review

MONDAY – one year on
from getting humped at Peterborough 

SAFCBlog – Not as good as it used to be – FTM

The time has come to open said closed doors?…

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