Mowbray Gone

This made me feel sad

That’s not like us?

Shite Blogging

Not been prolific of late, being honest I just can’t be arsed writing the blog recently. Although this level of not being arsed is eclipsed by how much I can’t be arsed with 3 weeks of WhatsApp/ Twitter speculation, so I thought it was easier just to pen a few thoughts – as always zero obligation to read, share, retweet etc.

This week

I fucking hate those horrible bastards, for me it’s a dreadful draw, obviously I’ll be up for it when the time comes, but ….. we currently have them where we want them living rent free in their heads, we’ve not lost to them in ages, playing your rivals when they are better than you is a bad thing, I fear a drubbing or a plucky defeat, (don’t know which is worse?), game of opinions as always, but for me it’s a horrible draw.

Be interesting to see the kick off time, Northumbria Police will fancy noon, although a later kick off time is conducive to their Al-Qaeda audience? Emirates sponsor the cup too? I guess it’ll either be noon with 6000 allocation, or later with 2200 allocation? I’d reckon it’ll be the latter given that money talks?

Tony Mowbray

I like him, he’s a good man, he leaves with his stock higher than when he arrived, so he will be back in work in no time. After a difficult start due to the Valentino Loafers and despite an over reliance on the Boss Bodywarmer, it’s hard to be critical of him? The players like him, we over performed last year, some of the football was the best in years. We came close against all odds last season, I understand that heightens expectation, but with the 3 relegated teams already nailed on as top 6 finishers, it was always going to be harder this season? That said we are 9th, we are a striker and a leader away from being much better – the absence of either is of no fault of Tony’s- just a really shit decision for me.

The Plan

There won’t fucking be one? Cue 3 weeks of the same old rumours, Kevin Phillips on the Jim White Show etc etc

Caretaker Issues

The season before last we lost at Cheltenham due to Dodds inability to make substitutions

Cheltenham- the very worst of nights

Last season, after that baldy scotch prick had fucked off to Stoke, we lost at home to Norwich due to Dodds inability to make substitutions.

I have zero faith we’ve learnt lessons? Cue lots of talk about a young European gaffer, (with those shit shoes with the white soles), talk of Fat Frank, Big Sam coming home …. Yadda yadda – will we ever fucking learn?

What we should, (but won’t do)

Just go out and get the best available, McKenna at Ipswich? Warnock for 5 months?

The Project, The Model, The Process….

I’m not having that, Burnley won’t sack Kompany, they might stay up and be stronger next year, conversely they might go down and then piss the Championship next year – that’s a project? Sacking TM with no plan is the complete opposite. Mentioning Warnock might seem a backward step, but fuck it, we have no plan and he’d win games – I’m all for a project etc, but words are cheap.

Game of opinions as always

Anyway – thanks Tony x Football is an emotional game and I’ve really fallen in love with the beautiful game the last 15 months.

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12 thoughts on “Mowbray Gone

  1. Warnock temporarily is a decent call

    All our managers are temporary anyway
    I didn’t want Tony to go but I thought last two games been worst of his reign

    But if I had to pick new boss I’d go with Bolton’s manager

    Mind you I was keen on Ainsworth when Parkinson left so best ignore me😄

  2. I’m really surprised he’s gone. You were best footballing team we played last year apart from Coventry. Young lads playing decent football and doing well. I’m with you on the project thing. Overpaid backroom people chatting shit about ‘vision’ when in reality, it’s just knee jerk stuff.

  3. Not witnessed so much shit since the good lady wife farted and followed through in her white trousers in 1983.

    It was her Wham faze, so I forgave her. What’s your excuse?

    Merry Christmas to you and your fanboys.

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