SAFC vs Norwich Preview

With both teams harbouring similar ambitions for the season, we both need to win, (and certainly not to lose?)

Pictures 1 vs Words 0, (Jones, M, OG)

Bit word heavy yesterday, so going picture heavy tonight

Are Norwich any good?

Like 90% of Division 2, anything could happen, SAFCBlog predicts SAFC 2 vs NCFC 0

Last Season

We battered them at home and lost 1-0, that bald scotch prick was still our manager but chose to go and watch Stoke at Blackburn. Had Procter & Dodds, (worst caretakers since Ian Huntley?), understood the need to make a substitution, we wouldn’t have lost the game.

We battered them away and won 1-0, bad day at the office for SAFCBlog, (first time I’ve ever slept in for a game)

12.30 a stupid kick off time?

3pm Saturday

the sensible time to play football?

From memory 5/7 of our last games have been an early kick off? Absolute lunacy?

Who are you?

Lazy journalism, but it’s bonkers how many famous folk are from Norwich….

A ha

Gypsy Marksman, Tony, (hotshot), Martin

Shed Seven, (Boro, Away), tomorrow night. Cutting edge, (*), match review on Sunday

Jim from Wigan update

I’m at a loss with this

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