SAFC 3 vs BCFC 1 – Match Report

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Can’t believe I’ve written over a thousand of these, hard to imagine it’ll get any better now? It’s still better, (low bar, all relative etc), than that shite Blackpool, (wordy), Blog. It seems the future is Vlogging, but pretending to be famous and connecting with cranks online is not something I feel qualified to do.

Another break next weekend for England to play some European Bus Drivers, so 3 points a timely boost yesterday, especially after going into the last holiday on the back of the Boro debacle.

Birmingham City FC

They started the season well and were 5th, they decided to sack their manager and bring in a big name – whilst Rooney is a top notch granny shagger, the jury remains out on his managerial credentials. Their recent results have been poor, they showed very little yesterday to suggest any improvement any time soon. I don’t know any Birmingham fans, but I’d be very worried if I supported them, the lack of heart they showed for the 3rd goal said everything about a team where all is not well?

As a rule I’m not a fan of looking back, (what’s the point?), but Remembrance Day is something the club, (mostly volunteers), get right every year – well done to all involved.

The Match

1st half

  • Hit post with a good effort
  • Go 1-0 up
  • Hit post with a weak effort
  • Having done enough to win the game, we don’t bother defending and go in at 1-1

2nd half

  • Score again to go 2-1 up
  • having done enough to have won the game twice, we sit back and let them back into the game
  • We score again, 3-1, at the 3rd time of asking we have the game won

We weren’t great yesterday, thankfully Birmingham are garbage

Player Ratings

  • Understandably the all new centre half pairing looked a bit nervy early on, but they grew into the game and looked comfortable 2nd half
  • We struggled to control the midfield, I rate Ekwah and he can control the central areas, he had a crap game yesterday which is probably why we struggled in the central areas?
  • The Russian kid looked lively, real shame he hit the post rather than score
  • Such a shame Cirkin can’t stay for, he’s a naturally left sided player, I know he’s young but his frailty will probably stop him having the career that his talent deserves
  • No idea who came on, but Mowbray was pretty proactive with his substitutions, someone French scored the 3rd goal, which can only be a positive
  • Huggins was excellent and Man of the Match for me

Ho, ho, ho

Christmas not really my bag, but looking forward to a great run of local fixtures over the festive period, both away games closer than a home game for me⚽️ I’m not privy to Mrs Mowbray’s shopping schedule, but it must be time for a new jacket for her husband? That Boss bodywarmer owes him nowt?

Job Done

A thoroughly enjoyable afternoon of ‘Ethical North East Association Football), credit to Dan Neil for captaining the team for the first time and not shouting at his own fans after the match, (let’s remember that it’s only 2 years ago since they were ‘shouting at shops’, before they bought into ‘child marriage, beheading and executing innocent folk’.

Watching Sunderland is great, I can only imagine how great playing for Sunderland must be? Yes Dan x

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8 thoughts on “SAFC 3 vs BCFC 1 – Match Report

  1. Splendid stuff , certain 7.5 from me 😉
    Have sent the rest of my rant privately as I’m positive it’ll gone huff quite a few if I post it here 😂 😂

    PS : Hope you managed to get that flag out of ya napper 😉 😂 👌🏼

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