New Manager, A Done Beale?

Can’t really be arsed and the darts is on TV, but a few brief thoughts …..

it’s a Beale, it’s a steal….”

Looks like we are about to appoint Michael Beale, I’m hugely underwhelmed, obviously I will back whoever takes charge of the team I love, but…..

  • Another cheap option, who will work with existing coaching staff?
  • Another manager not currently in work?
  • Just seems a bit of a crap choice?
  • Mowbray is no more, but we’d all agree he was a good man, Beale seems a bit of a shithouse, notably how he handled his departure from QPR?

Beale or no Beale?

Another cheap option that doesn’t inspire ?


it doesn’t feel that way

Not what we’d hoped for?

Any positives?

Time will tell, I was underwhelmed when we appointed that baldy scotch prick Alex Neil, he did remarkably well for us. I wasn’t excited about the appointment of Mowbray, although he gave us the most exciting football we’ve seen in years. Conversely the last time a managerial appointment excited me was Chris Coleman, who turned out to be completely clueless and thicker than a whale omelette surrounded by a castle wall.

So….. not thrilled, but as always time and results will reveal all. Onwards and upwards

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11 thoughts on “New Manager, A Done Beale?

  1. I was exceptionally happy with Alex Neil, I knew he’d take us up, I was raging with Tony Fantastico and he massively proved me wrong. On Beale I’d just like to say I’d rather stick my knob in a wasp’s nest but who am I?

  2. I was gutted when we got Mowbray, I thought it was a dinosaur appointment! Then I started to read about him as a manager and it sounded ok, bring young ens through, decent football etc etc, so became more optimistic. To be fair it turned out to be an amazing appointment, probably the right time to go, but up til then what a ride, what great football.

    This time I have very serious doubts, I’m desperately trying to find something to read to tell me different, but can’t find anything. So much for succession planning! Hopefully I’m proved wrong, but can’t see it happening!

  3. I couldn’t have wrote it better myself, reading the blog is like reading my timeline.
    Well done Marra 👍🏼

  4. I can’t be arsed with it anymore mate, feel massively let down by the skint lads at the top. Don’t like what I’m reading about Beale. Seems to be a bit of a cvunt.

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