Rotherham 2 vs SAFC 1, Shit Result

And we’re off 💥🐶🦅🪑🔴⚪️🔴⚪️🔴⚽️🏴‍☠️⛳️🛏🛁🍻🍕✅🔴⚪️🔴❤️⚽️🐶💥🪑🦅🛁

It wasn’t to be last night, a game too far? Tired? Shite 1st half? SAFCBlog travelled alone due to Parents Evening, (Harrogate Ladies College Away), consequently unlike the last 2 games I was reliant on others for photos…..

This is what I’m up against? Come back Garry Summerson 🥊🐄, all is forgiven. No such issues for the next 2 aways at Coventry and Norwich, (both 12.30pm on SKY, cheers for that SKY), got Adam, (nice hair/beard), and James, (shit hair/very good at golf), behind the lens for the next 2 away games🔴⚪️⚽️💥

Team selection

Tony Mowbray is doing a great job, he picks the team, we all make errors at work, for me he got the team selection wrong last night? We have looked solid at the back all season, changing both full backs a big call? O’Nien has had a wonderful season, his inclusion at right back last night had an air of he needed to be selected regardless of where he played? Cirkin had a shit game, (it happens), both full backs were woeful last night, the previously strong pairing of Ballard and Bathh were drawn out of position on lots of occasions in the first half. I obviously don’t have info re: knocks etc, but after Saturday Roberts not starting seemed a strange decision?

Team performance

Once the whistle blows it’s up to the players? We were garbage 1st half last night against a poor team. Amad has had a great season, he is prone to going missing though, he had the look of a man who had spent 5 days at Cheltenham with Alan Brazil last night, bizarre he played the full 90 minutes? Carrying a knock/massive cock? I’ve already alluded to the defence, the 1st goal was a good finish, but it’s easier to score when 4 players stand off you? Good to see the lad from Leeds score, confidence is everything for strikers, the cross from Roberts should have been buried, just needed heading downwards. We’ve played some lovely football this season, (having been shite for years), we have a young team, I’d much rather see the odd error than watch L1 shite like Rotherham just hitting the channels? We’ll beat Coventry 100%

It wasn’t our night last night, we go again Saturday lunchtime, it’s the only way ⚽️🔴⚪️⚽️
A year ago we were losing to Cheltenham and Doncaster, (horse running tinpot jobbers)

The futures bright?

The likelihood is we will finish 10-12th, that’s amazing progress. It’s been a great season, it wasn’t to be last night, but we have a young team who play the beautiful game, the goals at Reading, Huddersfield and QPR were lovely. Rotherham is essentially part of Sheffield, we lost 2-1 at both…. It’s only 6 moths since Sheffield, (feels like 4 years?), that night at Bramhall Lane gave a glimpse of how good things would be this season❤️🐶⚪️🔴⚽️🪑🔴⚪️⚽️❤️ All is good – onwards and fucking upwards

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