Tractor Boys Tuesday Night Club – Ipswich Town Away in Preview

Last time we visited Ipswich was under the leadership of Jack Ross, like most games under Jack it finished 1-1

Last time at Portman Road, 1-1…
… absolutely fucking battered them!

Following Sunderland over recent years has on the most part been pretty depressing, even with a very low bar as regards quality, the 5-2 defeat at Ipswich in the Championship was an absolute shambles. I left on 60 minutes when we went 4-1 down.

Absolute shambles of a performance
“Keepers ball”…. “oh bollocks”

Are Ipswich any good?

They’re doing ok, they have 1 point less than us from 1 less game, they faded badly last season. We beat them 2-1 earlier in the season, but Lady Luck was most definitely on our side, with Gillingham to visit the SOL on Saturday, a draw at Ipswich would probably be a decent result? We know as well as anyone that no team has a divine right to success, although like us Ipswich fans will view being in L1 as below where they should be, again not unlike us, they’ve not really set the league alight since they came down.

When I was a child there was a very limited amount of football on TV, one of my fondest memories was watching Ipswich Triumph in Europe, (highlights on Sportsnight), they had a fantastic team of homegrown talent Mariner, Gates, Brazil, Wark,, Beattie, Mills, Cooper, Osman, Butcher , the excitement of two Dutch fellas ……and led by one of our greatest ever managers.

Paul Cooper – In 1979/80 he saved 8 out of 10 penalties faced – incredible
⚽️💜 That Night in Turin…… we were so, so close.

So loads of history, but not unlike us they are not as good as they should be? One bonus on Tuesday is the match is on Real Telly, so if you’ve got SKY Sports, you don’t have to pay an additional tenner and you don’t have to listen to Frankie Francis asking Danny Collins about which of the Ipswich players he’s played against, (X 11 + subs). To be fair to Frankie and Danny, I actually enjoy the coverage and think they do a decent job, it’s just nice to watch it on the big TV rather than the laptop.

Much as I’m missing going to the match, Ipswich Away on a Tuesday night is quite a nice game to not have to go to, it’s quite nice once you get there, but it’s absolutely miles away, (from anywhere). That said I’m really missing football, there’s mates I normally see every weekend that I’ve not spoke to for almost a year, I know I could phone them etc, but I don’t.

SAFCBlog PREDICTS…. Having said that a draw would be an OK result, I actually think we will win, they struggle for goals, (just 26 in 21 league games), we have a striker who is scoring goals, so for me ITFC 0 vs SAFC 1, (Wyke)

Just 2 sleeps and we go again, the Countdown is on…

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