Wembley Eve….

So, it’s Wembley Eve, tomorrow is the day. Nervous? Excited? Hopeful? Expectant? Sceptical? Pissed? Naucious

However you are feeling, it’s a huge day tomorrow. Having limped to the end of the season, two decent performances vs Portsmouth have boosted the mood. Safcblog predicts a 2~0 win.

For me ~ Jack has done a decent job ~ not least in stabilising an absolute shitstorm of a club. The spineless twats of Rodwell, Papy, Januzaj are a distant memory ~ eclipsed by Luke, Charlie et al.

Picture of a Sunderland fans at a packed Wembley Stadium
Wembley…. “horrible place to lose… unsure what it’s like to win there?”

Anyway ~ enjoy to tomorrow, whether it be with friends, family, strangers. A win tomorrow would be great ~ but win or lose; you’re in good company. For me ~ there’s been laughs a plenty with bearded idiot, hapless rotund driver, gay barber, 007, filth officer etc … too many to mention. Added to that JaneyM, Yfront etc ~ the football family is a wonderful place.

Whoever you are enjoying tomorrow with…. enjoy every minute. Football not quite family ~ but it’s pretty fucking close I’d say?


Enjoy the game.


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