All Streams Lead to Gillingham – Match Preview

Big game on Saturday – when you’re Sunderland in Division 3, every game seems to assume the title of a big game? As has become the new normal, the game will be played behind closed doors. Whilst not going to games is royally pissing me off, there’s a little bit of me that is quite pleased not to have to go to Gillingham this weekend? It’s absolutely fucking miles…..

Gillingham – A long way, may as well just go to Amsterdam?
Gillingham – Not very good once you finally get there

Since 1986 there remain 41 unsolved murders in Kent, I’m no expert in homicide investigation and, (to date), have not worked on a murder case – but 41 seems an awful lot? The obvious downside to disposing of dead bodies in the sea is that the tidal aspect of the sea, generally creates a corpse boomerang effect? Anyone who watched Liar on ITV, will have seen those bizarre water areas where Laura smashed that wrong un on the head with a surf board? I guess the Thames Medway is ideal for disposing of bodies?

Current form…….

We all know where we are at, aside from writing this shite, I try to avoid looking at too  social media. Usual stuff online after 1 defeat. Portsmouth were decent last last Saturday, they won 4-0 on Tuesday – all of a sudden lots of our fans are comparing us unfavourably to them….. ask a Portsmouth fan about how much fun they’ve been to watch under KJ, prior to 10 days ago? Anyway, we’d have sacked KJ last October when they weren’t top after 10 games?

But what about Gillingham? They are decimated by injuries and on a shite run…..

They were actually the better team at ipswich on Tuesday, but 4 defeats on the spin without scoring is not exactly promotion form?

“You’ll get square eyes……”

I’d love this to be my view……
But, it’ll be this …… again…..
………. hopefully allowed by soon? There’s only so many ‘live streams’ I can cope with?

Head to Head……

Since we elected not to play on the Premier League anymore, we’ve had a real mixed bag of results against them. In 2018/19 we beat them 4-1 twice. Last season was a much tougher gig.

In the bygone days when it was ‘safe’ to play to packed stadiums, we lost to them in an FA cup replay.

0-1 down there in a turgid game. Watching L1 football means you see some shocking refereeing decisions – none worse than Charlie’s disallowed ‘goal’ at 0-0.

It’s that long ago it’s in black and white….. late heartbreak saw us draw 2-2 in the last game we were allowed to attend at the SOL

Their manager……..

He’s not a particularly popular man with most football fans. To give him his, dues…. in a results business, he gets results, a bit like a poor mans Neil Warnock, without his name providing such a fantastic anagram? After the, (relative), success of yesterday’s Charlie’s Photo Casebook……..

Steve’s Photo Casebook

SAFCBlog Predicts ….. GFC 1 vs SAFC 1 – FTM

Halloween on Saturday – 🎃🎃🎃 – Smashing

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