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Crossbar 1 vs Max Power 0, (Frame,G, 89)

Disappointing result last night, we were a lick of paint away from 3 points, but just the 1 point. We move onto Kent on Saturday. 

“Up next Gillingham…..”

Yep Gillingham……perennial lower league occupants, no end on their away stand, never been in the top flight,  don’t get 30’000…… oh how we should be not just beating teams like this, but beating them by at least 3 goals, in fact they should just give us the points and say thanks for playing us, it’s an insult to us playing them…… actually, that’s all nonsense. We are in the 3rd tier because, just like Gillingham, we deserve to be.

Accepting Mediocrity 1 vs Dreaming Big 0, (kardashian, 40)

I’m desperate for us to win every time we take to the pitch, absolutely desperate. On Saturday, we deserved to lose and we lost. We weren’t at our best last night, on balance we deserved to win, but we drew. Both outcomes were a source of disappointment to me, as I’m sure they were the players and staff? 

AS Roma vs O’Reily’s Best Price Builders 1, (McCafferty, 55)

B’Jesus…… so it is

When a team finds itself in Division 3 a couple of years after spending a decade in the Premier League, it is not typically a product of good decision making and responsible ownership?

Football is rightly, a game of opinions, whilst the last week has been disappointing, I’m of the opinion that we are doing ok. I 100% respect others opinions, I struggle a little to understand how these opinions change on the back of a couple of games? 

Football will always polarise opinions, it’s too important to too many of us not to. Anyone lucky enough to be involved in the professional game has to accept the goldfish bowl, they operate in. Fucking hell – there’s some crank in Harrogate spends his valuable spare time analysing what the manager is wearing??

Must Win Muskateers 0 vs Rationale Rovers 1, (Wyke,12)

“These burgers pal? They sound Italian?”…… “ No mate, there’ll either Irish or English, I’m not sure which”….. “Fuck that, give us one of your hot dogs kind sir”

We want the same thing, it comes from a good place etc…… I get all of that. Magic wands are hard to get hold of nowadays? There is no easy way out of this league, I’m of the belief that our current management structure offers the most realistic passage out of this league. Continuing with the belief that the next manager is the answer, is not an answer…….

A not so Magic Rounadbout……

“Dogs with no legs on Acid – that’s what we want for our licence fee?”

Managerial not so Merrygoround……

  • Moyes….. he managed us badly, (I have nothing but contempt for him, although not necessarily a bad manager)
  • Grayson……. he’s not a bad manager
  • Coleman……not up to football management sadly
  • Ross……. he’s not a bad manager
  • Parkinson….. he’s not a bad manager

Like when someone comes to an interview who’s had 28 jobs, like when you met a girl who’s been engaged 6 times, like when you look to an aging, overweight Irish bad apple, when you crave the appointment of a managerial novice who has absolutely no credentials but scored a few goals for us….. sometimes it’s best to stick with what you’ve got.

i really hope we beat Gillingham on Saturday. I guess I’ll preview it at some stage.


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