Sunderland v Coventry City preview

UK City of Culture 2021

In the 2nd of 3 home games we entertain Coventry City. Their fans have really been put through the mill in recent seasons – must be frustrating to watch as they seem to get good and bad results in equal measure!?

Famous folk to hail from Coventry are Mo Mowlam, Richard Keys and Pete Waterman.

In 2021 Coventry will be the UK City of Culture – beating Sunderland and Swansea in the final three. A great achievement…. although from afar it seems akin to taking Diane Abbott out on a date, when Nicole Scherzinger and Kylie are nagging you to take them?

The club won the FA Cup in May 1987. This came almost 10 years to the day after they cheated their way to survival, (allegedly). Some bloke with a big chin delayed kick off – which meant that Coventry and Bristol City poised at 2-2, found out Sunderland had lost 2-0. As results stood Sunderland were relegated and the two teams still playing were safe with a draw – so Coventry and Bristol City just went through the motions in the last 10 minutes or so, (Allegedly).

All big games now.


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