Sunderland v Burton preview

Sunderland v Burton preview

The games keep coming thick and fast at the moment. Last time we played them at the SOL – they relegated us; but to be fair, it was like taking an old dog to the vet for one last act of kindness – the job was fucked long before the 2-1 defeat. 

They must be half decent having beat Barnsley on Saturday – but one feels momentum is ours?

Sunderland v Burton preview

You know you’re shit when James Vaughan scores!

As a town it seems beer is the basis of their fame. This is good; the Bass family seemed to be at the heart of it? The affinity with ale was reflected in the state of the locals when we visited earlier in the season; mostly rotund with beards – but not all of the women, (allegedly).

Notable famous Burtonians include…. Anthony John Hardy, Joe Jackson and Vic Halom.

Here’s to another win.

Match report to follow on Wednesday.

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Only 4 sleeps…

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