Will Sunderland get promoted?

Will Sunderland get promoted?

Will Sunderland get promoted?

Following a football team is great fun, one of the main reasons for this is the unpredictability, the hope, the expectation, the hurt, the joy etc. Whether it being through the medium of Social Media, printed press, radio, chatting to mates etc opinions on what’s going to happen are a huge part of being a supporter. 

We’ve looked like a different team the last few weeks, there’s definitely plenty of games left, so…. is this a flash in the pan or are we going to be in the Championship next season? The truth is I think we will, I hope we will – but I don’t know. 

To assist with predicting how the season will work out, SAFCBlog put a formula and some data into a Super-Computer this morning, the results of this highly technical process are now available for publication…..’will Sunderland get promoted?’

Will Sunderland get promoted?
Computers – very, very clever

Obviously predicting yes or no as to whether we are going up is easy? The technical scale of the computer programme used has actually given the 3 possible outcomes and the percentage likelihood of them happening……

Finish outside the top 6…..
SAFCBlog Super Computer Probability of 4.88%

This is predicted as extremely unlikely, it’s only a few weeks since the majority of our fans were wanting rid of Parkinson? With this in mind the low figure surprises me slightly, but the reality is….

  • We are playing great
  • We’ve seen everyone play now and I’m not sure there’s anything to fear? Peterborough looked very good – but as usual them and Leeds seem to get to Christmas then go shit? I’ve nothing against Peterborough – but Leeds gassing promotion every season makes me very happy
Will Sunderland get promoted?
Despair and misery – The Computer says NO

Finish in The Play Offs……. SAFCBlog Super Computer Probability of 25.97%

Sunderland in the play offs is a nightmare, Sunderland at Wembley is a nightmare. I’d hoped for this percentage figure to be lower, so why might we end up in the play offs?

  • Ultimately we have not troubled the top 2 this season and we are past the half way stage
  • If the teams ahead of us get their act together and go on a good run, they obviously have the edge on us
  • February is Huge – we have 3 away games at Portsmouth, Coventry and Oxford. All of these teams will be in the mix, losing 2 of these games would make play offs  rather than top 2 the likely outcome?
Will Sunderland get promoted through the play offs?
Wembley – Shit
  • Whilst the play offs isn’t the predicted outcome, it’s important we don’t view it as the end of the world. Parkinson has won a play off at Wembley. The biggest regret for the Charlton defeat was…. we froze, left a bit out there, had an off day? Hopefully the new regime would not allow this to happen?
Imagine telling Steve, (Mad Dog), Parkin……you’ve had an Off Day??

Automatic Promotion…….. SAFCBlog Super Computer Probability of 69.15%

Well that’s good news, the Super Computer didn’t specify whether we’d win the league or be 2nd, it did highlight Rotherham would be the other team likely to be promoted automatically, (62.88%). Whilst it’s easy to say we are not fussed about winning the league- I’ve got 4800 reasons why it would be rather nice!!  So why are we looking likely to go up?

  • Theres always one team who goes on a great run – current form suggests we are that team.
  • As aforementioned whilst there’s loads of big games, there’s not really anything to fear – whilst I mentioned the pitfalls of losing big games – the reverse obviously applies
  • We categorically have the best squad, now complimented by fitness levels
  • Kyle Lafferty – this will surprise many , it has been suggested he’s cover / competition to Charlie. I’ve got a feeling the pair of them could be the ones to fire us to promotion? 
  • We look to be adding the right players? Whilst we used to have Fat Boy McGeady refusing to pass and then having a shot from anywhere he could regardless of the angle and distance to the goal? And Leadbitter hitting the first man with almost every corner? We now have King Maguire on set pieces and quality balls going into the box a plenty from either flank!

SAFCBlog Super Computer Final Verdict…..


Will Sunderland get promoted

Will Sunderland get promoted?



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