Kuwait and See…..

Bit childish, very funny etc….. but just imagine if those idiots up the road fail due to a chipped Sky Box, and then we are bought by some blokes from Kuwait….

Kuwait the Lads……

For some reason multi billionaire Eastern chaps are attracted to shite English football teams….

I’ve not, (as yet), lived a billionaire lifestyle – but if I did, I’d not be getting involved with Division 3 jobbers…

The 13 year itch…..

We had 10 years in the PL… 1 year in the Championship, (who said it was hard to get out of the Championship at the 1st attempt?}. We’ve had 2 years in L1…. I’m 100% behind the manager – he’s the right man 100%….

That’s a positive analysis…. we are mostly shite  and owned by some proper shitehouse jobbers… 

“Ku are Ya???”

“situated at the Northern edge of Eastern Arabia, (NE then?), it borders Iraq to the North and Saudi Arabia to the south”

“Sheiken not stirred…..”

Some daft Mag is wandering around the FA Headquarters car park each day, filming himself talking utter shite………just a different breed. Whilst shouting at shops, writing on bedsheets and  punching horses, are all a great source of amusement, this melt Tyler has the potential to be the best yet!

Irrelevant Shit Blog……

Guilty as charged, but…. if it does happen…..

SAFCBlog is passionate about the club, I’m generally pretty optimistic in my ramblings. Obviously it’s a game of opinions, so we’re not always going to agree. I’ve no political agenda at all, so please don’t email me if any of this is not 100% PC – even if your time is less valuable than mine, you really are wasting your energy.

Not where you’d go for a Stag Do?
“Halal, is it meat you’re looking for?”

Do you have 4 stag do’s then?

To be fair, this type of thing goes on in Skipton, Cumbria etc within single families?


“You could bath a baby bear with the sweat from your bollocks…..”

Show Me The Money…..

Personal Tax is 0%, VAT is 5%…… no wonder they are all fucking minted?

The Beautiful Game….

Kuwait made the World Cup Finals in 1982, Group D saw them paired with Czechoslovakia, (before they privatised the country), France and England.

After a credible 1-1 draw against the Czechs, they lost 4-1 to France, a game remembered for the President of the Kuwait FA stopping the game and taking his players off due to a disallowed goal. 

“You fucking blind referee?”…..38 years on we have VAR, so stuff like this doesn’t ever happen anymore….

Sheikh, Rattle & Goal…..

Ex Kuwait FA President, Sheikh Fahad Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah, would be fuming at this
We’d hammered France…. France had hammered Kuwait…. although we just edged a nervy game thanks to a goal from Trevor Francis

“No Income Tax, No VAT……

…..Trevor Francis Tracksuits….

……From a Mush…..

……in Shepherds Bush”

“Kuwait me up before you go, go”

Fresh start Will….. you can smash this league⚽️⚽️⚽️

As aforementioned, I’m not going to comment on the politics of any deal, but….

  • The meltdown on Tyneside would be fantastic
  • Money wins at football, I’d quite like to see us win something in my lifetime

Back in Blighty……

The lads are back training, not only are we making a few signings, they look like decent signings!

No ifs……. Garbutt

The Wright Man at the right time…..

Thin Aiden…..

Bloody hell, I really miss football, I really do……. *Yaquil alhukma, only fools rush in*

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