SAFCBlog – 500 Not Out…..

Well I never, this is the 500th article of SAFCBlog…….

Saturday 16th March 2019…..

All projects, (good or bad), have to start somewhere…..

….. Middlesbrough, 10.45am. ‘Write a blog they said, it’ll be a laugh they said, we’ll help you they said…..’

In the next calendar year SAFCBlog previewed, attended and reported on…..

  • 28 Home games
  • 24 Away games
  • 2 Wembley trips
  • 2 Overseas friendlies 
  • 1 Shed 7 gig

Then it all changed….. because on 13th March 2020 we stopped being allowed to go to games.

‘The game that never happened……. oh well, we’ll be back at the match soon…..’

The Beautiful Game……

I love football, I’ve always enjoyed reading about football, I’ve been genuinely surprised how much I enjoy writing about football, even though it can break your heart.

“6/10, Bang Average, Getting Worse, Not Funny, Fraught with Gramatticall Inaccuracies, A Tired Format……”

Feedback always welcome, so what’s the point? Blogging a Dead Horse? Here’s to the next 500 of…….

music, women, fashion, pandemic poetry, lockdown laughs, Labrador racing, gaining friends, talking shite, joining the FWA, launching a new business, buying flags, kebabs, Krombacher, doing the right thing, writing to the FA about the lazy bastard ballboys at Fleetwood, backing the boss, train cans, …..” it’s a pretty much exhaustive list, I don’t prepare anything before writing, so on another day that list would be completely different, (but equally random). I decided not to put football in the list, because whilst that’s the catalyst, it’s just a small part of it. Loads of us are missing Matchday even though the football continues….. it’s shite, stay strong and look out for each other, my Twitter DM and are always open, it’s 100% ok to not be ok.

“Live every single moment……”

Impossible to find a song & video to cover all of this? But this hits the post?

Don’t Stop Believing


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