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Bonus edition of SAFCBlog today to ease the boredom of Lockdown #2. It’s easy to end up watching more TV at times like this? The news just seems to be on a loop? It’s Donald this…. Donald that….. I’m sick of hearing the same old stuff about lying, alleged fraudulent actions, dodgy fake tan, ill fitted suit wearing, media whore, false promises etc…. 

“Yeah, you listen to me yeah, is that Debenhams in Oxford? This suit I bought, the sleeves are far too long….”……..”ah Mr Donald, glad you phoned, the payment for the suit was declined by your bank, so can you return it ASAP and tell that prick who was with you that the mustard cords he ordered have arrived”

Of course the day to day running of the club is now in the hands of Jim Rodwell, although if Ole is sacked this weekend, goodness knows how he’s going to be able to run SAFC and manage Man United?

Jim > Mauricio > Jim > Mauricio – uncanny, has anyone ever seen them in the same place at the same time?

The Mansfield of the Cup……..

As discussed the other day, the ‘Magic’ of the Cup has lost a lot of its Magic?

Whilst I’m aware I sound like a broken record, it’s a real shame that fans can’t attend tomorrow, especially the Mansfield fans, (I’m guessing they’d have brought 2’000?), they visit the likes of Carlise, Newport, Exeter, Crawley, Morecambe etc….. it’s a shame they can’t have their day out at the home of football?

FA Cup Round 1 2019 – packed to the rafters
FA Cup Round 1 2020 – sadly the scene will be very different come 3pm tomorrow

They’ve appointed Nigel Clough today, whilst this shouldn’t particularly affect them either way tomorrow, it’s a great appointment for them moving forward.

Tomorrow’s line up …..

We will make wholesale changes tomorrow…..

Neil, Diamond, Embleton and Hawkes all not involved with the u23’s today vs Wolves. So they’ll all be in the squad. No Benji either, but apparently he’s injured, although a 1pm kick off on a Friday was never going to be ideal for him?

Hume, Gooch, Luke, Denver & Scowen have injuries.

I reckon Grant and Charlie will be given the day off to go fishing, (surely that’s allowed in Lockdown?), and it probably makes sense to give Matthews some game time in place of Burge. 

So many changes actually means I’m quite looking forward to watching the game.

We will have a winner tomorrow

On this day…….

1974…… Lord Lucan disappears shortly after the family’s nanny is found battered to death

Lord Lucan, (left), just fucked off somewhere

1975…… The Sex Pistols perform live for the 1st time

1989…… Jozy Altidore is born

1990…… I cannot believe it’s 30 years ago, but The Happy Monday’s release this

Technically there were better bands than them, but in terms of influence they were the ones for me. I don’t go and watch them anymore, somethings are better remembered as they were? But The Monday’s Live were a thing of beauty, no idea how often I saw them…. but from the intimacy of the Duchess, … the chaos of The Warehouse, The Boardwalk & The Hacienda……. to the medium gigs of Leeds, Sheffield and Newcastle Uni….to the big gigs of Whitley Bay Ice Rink & GMEX… the mega gig of Elland Road…… they were class nights. As I say, contrary to the ideology of Richard Ashcroft, I think they did work, but it was mint…… 30 fucking years!!!

Son I’m 30, I only went with your mother ‘cause she’s dirty…..”

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