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Quality 0 vs Quantity 0, (AET)

I’m a few weeks away from 5, (five), years of writing this shite, being prolific has never been a problem, this is the 1st blog for a few weeks, I’ve been busy folding t shirts and sorting some important stuff out, normal, (*), will now be resumed⚽️. Unlike quantity, quality has never been particularly good, plaudits include, Matthew from Blackpool cut and paste shite”, Jim from Wigan “haughty and reeking with self entitlement”, Steve from Kiev “6/10 at best”, Laila from Lancaster “I love the blog dad”, Joanne from Sunderland “I only occasionally read”, Gary from Cumbria “I’ve got some cows and a fit wife🐄🥊🥊”, Gary from Washington I’m on TV”. As always any feedback to or via DM is greatly appreciated❤️⚽️✅🛁🐶🏴‍☠️⚽️❤️✅🪑👙⛳️🛁⚽️🔴⚪️🔴⚪️🔴⚽️🐶🍕

London Calling

Good point on Saturday, 2nd consecutive Saturday in the capital, Fulham was a great day out, it’s a lovely area, they play nice football, their fans are friendly, Millwall isn’t any of these.

Horrible place, horrible fans, horrible team❌❌❌
Take the hard earned point and move on✅⚽️🐶

Win tomorrow?

We probably should have won at their gaff? If I was a Fulham fan, I’d be thinking, play a full strength team, especially as Leeds, (crap and won’t play a strong team), are there for the taking, SAFCBlog is built on positivity, I think we perhaps had our chance down there? Hopefully I’m wrong, but SAFCBlog predicts – SAFC 1 vs Fulham 3


Speakman is doing a good job, I’m on board with not signing players who aren’t good enough, (remember we’ve had some absolute shite the last 5 years), but to only have one fit striker on the books isn’t great. Hopefully there’s a clause to prevent the new Leeds gaffer recalling him, no idea if he’s cup tied, but regardless of this Dirty Leeds won’t let him play against them. Loathe to be critical, but there always has to be a plan❤️🐶


Historically we get crap crowds for cup games? Although this often lends itself to a good atmosphere, fair play to the club with the cheap tickets tomorrow ✅ hopefully the crowd will be nearer 30k than 20k?

Busy as fuck

After tomorrow, we have consecutive Saturday home games and a local derby at Shepherds Bush, SAFCBlog will be previewing, attending and reviewing them all, what a time to be alive fucking🐶❤️⚽️

SAFCBlog – Always – FTM

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