SAFCBlog, Last Orders Please….”Sup up your beer and collect your fags”

It’s been 561 days, 807’840 minutes, 476 articles and 298’441 visitors…..

Jack Watch cont…….

Landscape Gardening 1 vs Best Price Tarmac, I’m telling you 0 (Ross, 31)

Blogging a dead horse……

It’s been emotional….

Better to have laughed and lost than never laughed?

I’ve not, (to date), owned a football club…. as I’d always thought you’d need a decent amount of money to fulfil such role?

Anyway…… All Blogs Matter? Whether it’s….

  • A healing process to losing your dad/best pal
  • Meeting some great people
  • Helping said people as regards their mental health
  • Raising money for charity
  • Using as a coping mechanism for losing pals
  • Surviving a pandemic
  • Launching a new business

SAFCBlog will still exist….(got 3 fucking massive flags!). Our wonderful club needs a change of ownership for all concerned. Keep the faith, FTM, don’t ever stop believin’

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