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Feels like Sunday, but it’s Monday, which means the next match is 24 hours sooner than I was thinking, although it’s on a Wednesday not a Tuesday, so all very confusing. Can’t be arsed with a match preview, I reckon we will win 2-0.

I could no longer give a shit about our former manager, but the conduct of him and Stoke has been a disgrace, there was absolutely no reason for him to be at their game whilst still employed by us, piss poor judgement and not something that will do him any favours? A week ago I thought I loved him, now i just think he’s a dick.

Next Manager?

Everything seems to suggest that Tony Mowbray will be unveiled in the morning, I’m OK with that.

Sports Betting

“When the fun stops…….. remember when we didn’t know what it was like to win at Wembley?”

Betting and football are linked in so many ways, whether it be shirt sponsorship, ground naming rights, advertising, club ownership, there is no denying a strong link. Anyone who has seen the Paul Merson Documentary, will be familiar with the horrific potential pitfalls? Like most adults, I also know people who have struggled with gambling, I’ve also seen some pretty desperate situations through my working life related to gambling.

It’s wrong then?

It’s not that simple, does football have the ultimate social responsibility? Whilst the situation at Newcastle and the impending World Cup are abhorrent in the respect of human rights, lets not kid ourselves that this same regime doesn’t run through lots of aspects of life, ownership of many universities, hotels, social media platforms etc , is all funded from the same purse.

Ultimately, vices,temptations, risk taking etc are by no means a new phenomenon, the idea of football as a ethically clean model sailed a long tome ago. In terms of vulnerability to temptation, (in this case gambling), most folk are A, B or C

  • A a bit wired and cant resist, normally this means you’re fucked?
  • B dip in and out, sometimes in full control, sometimes less so, you should be ok?
  • C don’t engage at all, sounds positive but what’s the point?

Slightly off topic, but it’ll make sense, (*), in a minute. I was watching Sky Sports News this morning, the departure of AN, (dick), was on the yellow ticker, the noises have all been suggesting Mowbray, but no official news. I no longer look at messageboards, (why read shite when you can write it?), the SkyBet App will give the odds, my guess is Mowbray will be odds on, which is a reasonable indicator…..

Football > Specials > Manager Specials > Next Sunderland Manager

Computers are clever, people working with computers are clever, I’ve not, (to date), owned a computer, but sometimes they go wrong, (people press the wrong buttons?)

Having found my way to the odds, there’s no Mowbray, Poyet is favourite, keane second favourite….. find Mowbray on page 2, this is obviously the odds from 6 months ago, but the date is right and the page is active…..

14/1 👍

3/1 👍
Market suspended ……..

Fingers crossed it’s Tony Mowbray👍

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