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Sunday Ruddy Sunday…..

Another Sunday already – churches still shut, (wasn’t going to go anyway), be interesting to see how the world is post COVID. Retail will never be the same, I’m sure retailers such as the electrical goods sector, may move to remote, guiding shopping? Maybe there’s a case for churches doing the same, do we need one in every village? Historically there was a bakers in every village, there isn’t now – but there’s a co-op, (or similar), nearby offering bakery products. It’s by no means a finalised Business Model, but maybe….keep the big ones, (York Minster etc), and make them Super Churches!

Have you been mis sold PPG?

‘On PPG, Charlton and Barnsley would now be in League 1? They both won away yesterday and head into next week with very winnable home games to look forward to. Meanwhile Huddersfield, Boro & Hull all lost at home and are now deep in the mire  – Bit harsh on those 3 teams though as they weren’t given the option to vote on whether they wanted to stay up??

“The man from the EFL…… he say Fuck You Tranmere”

The Sun Always Shines on TV….

Quite enjoying watching a bit of footie on TV, of course it’s not brilliant – but it’s watchable. Crowd Noise on SKY is terrible, much more fun watching the players swearing / apologies if you heard some bad language there version on channel 402.

Owt else on TV?

Not a great deal really, but there is the odd ray of sunshine. Shaun Ryder and Bez on Gogglebox – just tremendous. 
The Happy Monday’s were a huge part of my life, I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve seen them live, I’ll probably never own another record player, but I’ll always have my FAC vinyl, (literally everything they did)……

‘Been there…. done that….. got the poster….. Let’s Party like It’s 1991’

It’s a shame that the media’s policy and agenda towards diversity will deny Shaun & Bez becoming the new Holly and Phil? Just tremendous entertainment though, who’d have thought SR would know his grams and ounces, but not his metres?



No footie in the horizon, but I’m sure we can look forward to the following highlights……

  • A PR disaster of a statement from the club
  • A few online polls about our gaffer and the usual lack of respect re: touting Wor Kev for the job
  • News from the club that it’s someone’s birthday

So whilst there’s no SAFC footie, there’s always some shite to write about?

SAFCBlog – Much worse than it used to be – FTM

Happy Fathers Day

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