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KLF are gonna ROCK you….

On the 23rd August 1994, KLF burnt one million pounds sterling in a disused boathouse on the Scotch island of Jura, all in the name of ‘Performance Art’

SAFCBlog are gonna BORE you…..

A result of travelling thousands of miles with a car full of complete idiots, is the amount of absolute shite that is talked. Whilst the finer details are irrelevant, everyone has a role to play, whether it be ‘idiot photographer with a shit beard’, ‘travel logistics officer who has the navigation skills of Mark Thatcher’, ‘branch filth officer’……. as aforementioned the details are not important. One of the more interesting, (it’s all relative), points that is often discussed is how to celebrate SAFCBlog milestones in the name of Performance Art? As the Blog approaches 500 articles and 300’000 visitors and given the scientists won’t let us go to the match – never has there been a better time to perform some performance art? Still got a week or so to decide, sadly I don’t have access to a disused boathouse. One idea was the ‘ritualistic smashing of 158 Fritidsklader mugs, (another good buy), at 1am in the morning next to a small fire adjacent to the Tees Transporter Bridge’. Any further, (equally sensible ideas), greatly appreciated.

Les Senseiserables

The very darkest of dark days

Despite him playing for the Mags, I like Les Ferdinand. top quality striker and just comes across as a top bloke. Whilst the ‘Blue Peter Garden Rumours’ aren’t going away……..

 The media audience that Les commands is arguably slightly larger than SAFCBlog, having dipped into politics the other day regarding BLM….. the statement from Sir Les yesterday was perfect., its almost as if he’d read the blog the day before, surely not?

Collaboration Nation

Whether it be……… Adidas SPZL & NWRDR / John & Yoko / Aerosmith & Run DMC / Queen & Bowie / Prince Andrew & Epstein …… collaborations are out there? I love reading about football, sadly most of the written media is shite. On Saturday 10th October Sunderland host Blackpool FC, I dearly hope Chris Witty says we can go to the game – but we’ll report regardless……

******STOP PRESS******

Auden – clever.
Sat 10th October…… What a time to be alive!

Behind Closed Doors continued…….

Wrote the 1st half of this prior to Boris saying we ain’t allowed to go to football til March. This is catastrophic news, aside from not being able to enjoy what we so dearly enjoy – the implications for the game are brutal. I don’t remember Bradford Park Avenue, I do remember Maidstone, Newport, Bury, Aldershot, North Ferriby etc – thankfully some have risen from the flames. The recent demise of Macclesfield will sadly be the tip of the proverbial iceberg. This is disastrous for football; like most football fans I engage with a great many businesses on a daily basis…… football clubs are a business, but we all know our engagement with them is so, so different? No one ever got a tattoo of a Insurance company or named their child after a solicitor? Football is different – the fallout come what March will sadly be absolutely catastrophic – dark days head for a great many football clubs.

A negative….
Another negative….
Let’s all go to Long Stanton Owl Sanctuary
Can’t argue with this…….
Absolute fucking nightmare for football

Strange days….. ordinarily I’d see every goal scored on a weekend. Todays goals now, MOTD, Quest TV, SPL  Goals… probably shouldn’t matter there’s no fans, but it does, it really does? I’m watching us online and the odd Premiership game – but it’s weird and it’s shite. SAFCBlog is essentially a high quality lifestyle blog, but no footie to attend is a nightmare? Politics not my bag…. but it seems like the government has given up on football…. the SOL has 49’000 seats and a surrounding area that lends itself to distancing. It looks like no fans til March? Forget pubs as that’s another easy target… but I can go to the park, I can go to B&Q, my kids can go to school…. football seems to be getting the shite end of a very shitty stick?

Stadium 0 vs Supermarket 1

Absolute madness….. there’s a Co Op near me, it covers 1250 square feet, it allows 15 people to enter at any one time…. we have 49’000 seats and allow no one in?

Football = Important

All manner of stuff will be written over the next few months, but football is hugely important……local economies, community spirit, emotional well-being, belonging…. it’s the most never ending of exhaustive lists?

Ten K Treadmill Tuesdays and Thursdays…..

I’m not really sure why, but I do 10km on the treadmill every Tuesday and Thursday – I do this because it works phonetically and makes me do it, if I miss a day, I do 7km on one of the weekend S days – perfectly normal behaviour For a grown man. Treadmills can be a bit boring, although headphones paired with Homes under the Hammer, Bargain Hunt and the tremendous ill gotten gains make life bearable. I forgot my headphones today, so opted for Sky News, due to the visual aspect of the info bar etc. Little did I know how entertaining Sky News without sound can be? 

For 80 minutes today, there were all manner of folk with placards behind the Sky presenters. What’s going on? I’m in Westminster every 3 months or so…. my experience is multiple vans of bad ass cops parked up and ready to fucking go? Sky News is meant to be impartial? Perhaps the security bods at Westminster should consult with Rotherham County Court? As from experience, standing outside of said establishment = a Section 35 Dispersal Order was forthcoming…..

Grown men wearing military regalia having not been in the military? Not good….
Just move along love? I’m sure there must be a vegan, rainbow cafe in the vicinity?

SAFCBlog – getting worse and not worth reading – FTM

The Jobs Fucked….

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