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Benjamin Mbunga-Kimpioka….

He was here for 6 years, in that time he played 10 games, he scored in the 5-0 win vs Sheff Weds, (I’d have scored that night), and he scored from a yard nearly 4 years ago vs Coventry. I’m amazed we got a fee for him, (the story broke this morning, I did genuinely wonder if it was an April Fools gag?). We are undoubtedly light up front, but he’s no loss, if he was still here it would be inappropriate for me to say an, (unnamed 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿), ex SAFC manager told me in person at Rockliffe Hall Golf Club that….., “Benji aye? He’s a wee bit lazy, he disnae like getting ooot his bed

Time Travel….

The SAFCBlog Super Computer is still at the menders, just waiting on a new transponder, the digi-chip shortage is a nightmare at the moment, unless its a pandemic you’re after it’s a right fucking chew trying to get anything out of China

I’m genuinely worried about the game tomorrow….

  • win tomorrow and we can kick on ⚽️
  • don’t win tomorrow and the jobs fucked ⚽️
  • I think we will win at Oxford, but in a strange way if we don’t win tomorrow, there’s no point winning at Oxford? “it’s not the expectation that hurts, its the hope
  • SAFCBlog Predicts…… 1-1 or 1-2…..just hope I’m wrong
  • in the absence of an operational Time Travel Machine, no idea what’s going to happen tomorrow, back Sunday to look at yesterday….
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