On this day 4 years ago…..

Sunderland away to Norwich must see game in the Murderer's

Sunderland away to Norwich

On this day 4 years ago

Saturday 16th April 2016

Norwich is not an easy place to get to, 12.45pm kickoffs are a pain, 12.45pm Away at Norwich is a nightmare. Resisting the temptation to stay North and watch on TV, (that would be daft?), SAFCBlog headed South.

Norwich miles from anywhere
Better than being late? You can tell a place is Posh, when Spoons doesn’t open til 10am

Last time we were there….

SAFC Blog away at Norwich
Gutless performance and a grown man drinking hot chocolate – a bad day all round?

The Performance was a gutless shower of shite. 22nd March 2014…. a week before Wembley, we just looked like a team of players who didn’t want to get injured? Bailed out after 60 minutes….. bizarrely on the 22nd Feb we’d done the same at Arsenal on the back of that win at Old Trafford on 22nd Jan to get to Wembley…

We left this one at half time……although there’s more to do in London than Norwich!

The Surrender to Hull, in the FA Cup was another absolute shocker. I liked Gus, I think he was a brilliant coach, but….. we put in some truly awful performances under him….. perhaps he didn’t have the dressing room? Great Coach …..✅ Man Manager……❓

Norwich 0 Sunderland 3

Sunderland away to Norwich must see game in the Murderer's

Sunderland away to Norwich

That starting 11 💜⚽️

YEP…. THAT STARTING 11. Having raised the question of the Man Management skills of Gus earlier, Big Sam is a Genius. I couldn’t give a shit what Khazri, Kaboul & Kirchhoff did Mon to Fri….. they looked like World Beaters under Sam.

It could have been so, so different…….. sadly 2 huge moments were to shape our future…..England Lose to  Iceland and We Appoint David Moyes…… the rest as they say is misery

Sam, it could have been so good…..

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