Sunderland V Portsmouth – play-off semi final review

Saturday 11.05.19

So, Portsmouth again…. I’ll be honest, I’ve nothing new to add, having played them a lot lately. I’m wary of going down the dark route of reporting on the events of the 90 minutes…. slippery slope? Before you know it you’re watching Game of Thrones, drinking fruit cider, cycling as a hobby, wearing fun socks, liking cats not dogs, having your own portable coffee cup etc etc

So…. rather than turn into a crank/loon ~ I’ll offer a short review and try and do a better review after our game on Thursday night.

Nervous as owt all day Saturday

Head north

Mr Blue Sky…. “sun, sea and Chris Maguire”
“The road to hell”
”road to nowhere”
”I’ve been down that road before”
”end of the road”
”the long and winding road”
”hit the road Jack….”
Fuck it, switch Spotify off you bearded fool and get TalkSport on

Stadium porn
”right lads ~ just stand around and it’s job done”
Pitch looking good for the Spice girls next month. Close season poll as to “which spice girl you’d like to spend some time with… to follow in the close season” (those not choosing Emma Bunton will be entered into a raffle to win a Game of Thrones box set”
lots been said already ~ but rather than disappointing… the attendance was bizarre? (Lowest league crowd for 8 years????)
“Love you Stewart Donald xxxxxxxxxxx don’t worry about the £9.7 million gap in the club accounts ~ thanks for the shiny seats and selfies…. #more questions than answers…….”
He looks how I feel at the prospect of a 750 mile round trip and a night at the Fratton IBIS!!
“full time tonight = half time? Unless there’s extra time? ~ fuck it… just draw 1~1 and it’s job done”

Half time 0~0

Full time 1~0

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In Jack We Trust