Sunderland vs Hull City Match Report

We haven’t played competitive football since March, that’s a long time? Add lockdown, travel restrictions & home schooling, and it’s been a bloody long time!

It’s not ideal, it’s not normal, but….. it’s the most excitement I’ve had on a Saturday for almost 6 months!

I normally predict we will win, sometimes through head, sometimes through heart. Hull are in a mess, I’m genuinely expecting a win today…..

I understood the idea of a drinks break when matches were being played in July, but why are we still having them? Traditionally football is played over two halves, drinks breaks in each halves effectively make it quarters? It’s just another Americanism we don’t need and is already being used as a tactical / timeout interlude?

It’s September, it’s not very warm in Harrogate, I can’t imagine it’s tropical in Sunderland? Do we really need a drinks break?

Jack Watch….

No Jack Watch this weekend as the Scotch National team are playing. Good opportunity for Jack to hit the shops and freshen up his Autumn Collection? Whilst SAFCBlog is firmly behind Parkinson, he generally has the look of an unmade bed. A bit of progress this week, the Club Coat has gone and he’s wearing a black knit, not quite the merino, soft wash style that Jack offers, but credit where it’s due… it’s progress. Phil at least looked like he was managing a football team today as opposed to selling cheap fags in Wetherspoons.

Much better than last week 👍

The 1st Half…..

Completely dominated, stating the obvious… but we did everything apart from score. Here’s the key moments / some observations.

  • Maguire misses a sitter, (not sure why he used the outside of his foot?)
  • Grigg looks lively, he almost tees up O’Brien after a great move
  • One on one for O’Brien…. go on my soon, be Defoe… not Grigg, Graham, Altidore…. a debut goal could shape your season? Sadly he drags it hopelessly wide
  • Eaves, (Hulls only threat), limps off
‘Eaves Leaves the action’…. early finish son, go get your hair cut

Decent 1st half, our intensity was good. Hull are absolutely desperate.

2nd half…..

Much of the same, Hull offer nothing and we look ok. Grigg has a goal chalked off on 67 minutes for offside. Looking at the replays, the left full back was playing him onside. From 80 minutes onwards the game limps towards penalties….Hull offer nothing apart from the odd corner

Do they have scissors in Hull?

Full time 0-0 ….. Penalties

In open play, penalties are very rarely missed. Applying this logic most should be scored in shoot outs?

Last time Grigg took a penalty, he not only missed the goal, but almost put it out of the ground ….


No one ever missed a penalty on purpose…. but you really should hit the target from 10.973 metres?
Power✅ O’Nien✅ Gooch✅ Wyke✅

5 superb penalties from Hull to be fair….

5/5 for Hull. Fair dos, winning pen was taken by a 19 year old 👏

Club vs Country…..

Not to worry, England on TV playing Iceland. They are a team of bus drivers, teachers and postmen, what could possibly go wrong?

What could possibly go wrong?

What could possibly go wrong?.. England vs Iceland? ……

Last time we met……”England inexplicably lost to Iceland,  our manager who was going to secure our long term status in the Premier League was lured to be England gaffer. We got a dour scotch anti football manager, our billionaire owner lost his mojo, we got relegated, we go relegated again, we were taken over, (not bought…..that would involve a transfer of funds), we got made to look a joke X 2 on Netflix, we are embarking on our 3rd season in division 3…. there’s always plenty that can go wrong???”

On a positive note not going to games means I can get cutting edge reports online within an hour. Like the News of the World, (in terms of deadlines as opposed to hacking the phones of dead kids and reporting servicemen pissing on corpses eh Piers?).

SAFCBlog – Not worth the paper it’s not written on – FTM

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