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A football season is a long slog, this season has been a very, very long slog, the original remit of SAFCBlog was to report on my matchday experience, having spent March and April of last year writing Virtual Match Reports, this season has so far consisted of … Login to SAFC account or switch on Sky…. watch game….. Repeat X 56. It’s been a tough write and times, I can only imagine having to read this shite. But, we are nearly there, hopefully there will never be another season like this, so one final push. Hopefully being able to go to the game at the weekend will be a lift for all concerned.

“When routine bites hard and ambitions are low, And resentment rides high but emotions won’t grow”

Routine is good, I like routine, ordinarily Matchday Routine is something I enjoy, after 9 months of watching games online I’m bored, bored of watching in this way, bored of writing about it. Too much time to think about football can be good when writing about football, there is also a counter argument that it can encourage stupid ideas, clutching at draws and writing shite…

Testing 1-2, 1-2….

Last time we were in the playoffs this happened….

After taking an early lead, we lost 2-1 to a 94th minute goal…this was obviously the final game of the campaign….
…… in the first game of that season, we conceded an early goal and won 2-1 with a stoppage time winner.

Although it ended in heartbreak, the season had a bizarre symmetry about it? As Irish Nutjob Sinead O’Connor would say, it was 295 days, 42 weeks & 1 day, 9 months and 23 days…..

I don’t own A Fancy Restaurant, but I’d be wanting assurances that she would moderate her behaviour, before giving approval for her to have her dinner at my gaff?

So, what’s the symmetry this time around? The best I can do is 0-4, 1-1, 1-1, 1-1, 4-0, (so 1-1 tomorrow night and then smash the lower league jobbers 4-0 at the home of football on Saturday afternoon – simples.

Lincoln City Away in Preview….

First and foremost we can go up and we may well go up. I don’t fancy us to go up, but that has absolutely no bearing whatsoever on what will happen over the next 12 days. Our defence terrifies me, once again the game at Lincoln under Ross has no relevance to this week, but I have a real worry it could be a similar game and outcome tomorrow night. Whilst the team selection at the back will be governed by who is available, for me LJ has to play Maguire, these are big games, he’s a big game player – he has to play.

Definitely, Maybe….

Can we go up? Definitely. Will we go up? Maybe. Do I think we’ll go up? Doesn’t Matter

An interesting development this week is the short term appointment of Jamie McCombe as Assistant Head Coach, this is a positive move given that McAllister has a stadium ban following his ruck with that prick Karl Robinson,

Karl Robinson

….. the intriguing bit is that McCombe was a coach at Lincoln under the Cowley Brothers, much of the squad remains, having any inside info can only be a good thing? Even if it’s just how to wind them up, who to target etc?

The Cowley Brothers

We’ve already played Lincoln 3 times this season, 2 more this week and then hopefully we’ll not have to play them for a number of years. Their form is similar, (not as bad), to ours – but to be fair like us, they spent the last month with no chance of automatic, but no real danger of dropping out of the playoffs. SAFCBlog Predicts…. LCFC 2 vs SAFC 0. As always I’ll be willing the lads to win, I just don’t see it, as we are looking to play well over the next 3 games to gain promotion – we’ve not played well for the last 7 or 8 games – here’s to being completely wrong with my prediction⚽️🔴⚪️⚫️

The Other Two….

Tough call as to who will progress from the other game, I’m not really bothered – whilst they both have the edge over us on current form, it’s a low bar and it’s a complete lottery really.

SAFCBlog Predicts…. OUFC 1 vs BFC 0
Another belting SAFCBlog prediction….

No one wants to read a match review, so here’s a graph of the key moments, all fairly self explanatory, if any Blackpool fans want the graph I’m happy to sign it and send on….X

BIG night tomorrow vs Lincoln…. Lincoln is the capital of Nebraska….. Nebraska is the album that gave us this absolute masterpiece…. FTM

SAFCBlog – Nearly There – FTM

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