The Beautiful Game 1 vs Shithousery 0

SAFC 1 vs Reading 0

We got there in the end⚽️

1st Half

It was absolutely dreadful, we looked leggy, they had no interest in playing football, (it was a depressing flashback to L1), frustrations grew and our passing suffered as a result. Just a horrible 45 minutes of football.

One of the great things about football is it’s unpredictability, some games are good and some games are less good, that said it is an entertainment industry and 40’000 or so people paid to be there yesterday. Reading were time wasting from the 1st minute, 60 seconds to take a throw in, keeper taking 14 seconds of the permitted 6 seconds.

We passed them off the park at Elm Park, they obviously weren’t going to let that happen again, it has to be the responsibility of the referee, just book someone early on, speak to the captain, it’s not difficult and it would at least mean a chance of the sold product providing entertainment. I’m delighted we beat them.

2nd Half

Having said we looked leggy in the first half, we were much better 2nd half, they were crap, (dread to think what the combined age of their team was vs ours). Ultimately both teams got what they deserved from the game ⚽️🔴⚪️⚽️.

Prior to the winner, Michut, Roberts, (twice) and Hume all went close to scoring. We used our subs well, so credit to TM for this, as this has been my only criticism of his tenure to date. There’s a few look tired, both Clarke and Amad have been brilliant this season, they have both played significantly more football than ever before. I’d be tempted to give them a rest at QPR and play someone French 🇫🇷. Strikers need goals, Millwall away was a tough start for the kid from Leeds, he wasn’t involved in the game yesterday, he has the look of a man who hasn’t played as a lone striker before? Although there’s obviously not an immediate solution to that?

SAFCBlog Man, (not player), of the match – Patrick Roberts❤️⚽️

A Great Win

We beat Reading easily in September, yesterday was a hugely satisfying win, after years of misery and tolling against time wasting teams, yesterday was just what we needed⚪️🔴⚽️❤️🐶

Such a perfect day, I’m glad I spent it with you….”

One year on

A year ago today we appointed Alex Neil, he did fantastically well to get us promoted on that wonderful day in May, when everything changed. Sadly his conduct surrounding his departure to Stoke means he’s now a dick of the highest order, sometimes the things that have a monetary value provide you with the least happiest Alex, I hope you stand on a plug during the night….

Alex Neil 🍆, (3rd from the left)


Who knows where this season will take us, (Wembley hotel research is in hand though for anyone asking), regardless it’s been a great season after years of utter shite, never forget that the corresponding weekend last season, we were labouring to a draw at Wimbledon, after a 0-6 hammering at Bolton and back to back defeats vs Doncaster and Cheltenham?
1-1 at Wimbledon, had I not got to fist pump a Womble, it would have been a wasted day.
Everyone loves summer, it was even light for a good section of the drive home last night🔴⚪️🐶❤️💥 it’ll be shorts / no pants weather before we know it 🐶🍕💥


Whilst in won’t affect us til August, another absolutely shocker for VAR yesterday, Lee Mason had a mare at Arsenal

Premiership referee Lee Mason, he has forms for struggling with straight lines🍻🍻?

SOL Tunes

Not a dealbreaker, but the music was from the PA system, (Tannoy a brand name), were class yesterday, The Fall, The Strokes, Style Council, The Primitives – more of the same please Superstar DJ ✅✅✅🪑🐶

Up next

Shepherd’s Bush Away

2/1 ??? I’ll be all over that, match preview and report over the next few days. See you there ⚽️🔴⚪️⚽️

The Mainstream Media

No issue with birds having a go at football, but genes dictate facts, Blsck people shit at swimming, women worse than men at running and wrestling etc, I couldn’t be prouder than to have 2 lovely daughters, but please stop this ….

Please, please, please stop
SAFCBlog- Opposed to sportswashing, murder, beheadings and homophobia – FTM

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    1. Totally agree mate ” , I couldn’t be prouder than to have 2 lovely daughters, but please stop this ….”

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