Wembley week ~ 2018/19 thoughts…..

Wembley week and it seems like a good time to reflect on the 2018/19 season. Having been to most of our games this season and since the home Walsall game on March 16th 2019 and been writing about the ups and downs…. Bizarrely, people seem to be starting to read the blog! That said, I await any offers of pies, beer, transport ~ zero moral fibre here… so any offers to safcblog1@gmail.com

Small matter of Wembley ~ can obviously go either way… but for some reason safcblog predicts a 2~0 win.

After Wembley, I guess the fixtures will be out a few weeks after ~ here’s hoping it’s ‘Forest not Fleetwood’ and ‘Leeds not Lincoln’. The blog will be covering the trip to Portugal and any pre season friendlies ~ so basically, bit of cricket & tennis on TV and it’ll be time to go again.

Tennis 🎾 ~ a bit shit
”long before the Venus brothers came on the scene, Chris Evert, (fitter version of Sue Barker), played a bit of tennis”
Cricket 🏏 ~ shit and too many rules. But something to do in summer I guess?


3rd tier football. Surely we’d piss league 1?????




”VAR??? It’ll ruin the modern game!”


”what a great night!”

So, as has often been said… “it’s not the expectation that hurts the most….. it’s the hope”. PLEASE ~ let’s just beat Charlton on Sunday… PLEASE.

One of the fantastic things about watching football, is that it polarises opinion. By no means a definitive list, and obviously just my opinion. But……


~ Our Support ~ it is fucking mint

~ Jack Ross ~ huge step up from St Mirren. He’s a class act. Calm, intelligent and just what we needed to steady a very rocky ship? Best dressed manager in the league and a good man IN JACK WE TRUST

~ Off the pitch…. Gill who has looked after us at the SOL in Box 32 is an absolute star 🌟 🍺

~ Rachel. Thanks. Loving your work. Keep smiling 🍾 🥂

~ Jon McLaughlin. Class, best in the division. If we’d had him last year, we’d have stayed up ~ simples

~ Cattermole. Yes, he’s on big money. But we are always better when he plays. Fantastic professional ~ had a great season

~ Chris McGuire. Brilliant

~ Charlie Wyke. If I played for Sunderland, I’d play like Charlie

~ Aiden McGeady. He’s the best footballer in our squad.

~ Luke O’Nein

“Everyone loves Luke”
“Well almost everyone…….”

~ Grant Leadbitter. Loves SAFC ~ and last Thursday showed the measure of the man

~ Josh Maja. His goals to chances ratio was great. Possibly not had the best advice / man management ~ but we won a lot of games which we wouldn’t have without his goals.


~ William Grigg. Please prove me wrong Will. Suspect you’re not fit, didn’t really want to come to Sunderland and were signed by Donald rather than Ross??? But for fucks sake man! Looking like you don’t give a shit ~ is as bad as not giving a shit?

~ Watmore’s injuries. Really hope Duncan fulfils his potential ~ his luck has been desperate.

“What more?….. Watmore in the name of love”

1 more game ~ nerves kicking in now.

Charlton review, (win or lose), online on Monday. Lots more random shite thereafter. Another great season with great friends ~ “something always happens on a Matchday”.

Our potential promotion has no link to this…. but it’s the first season that myself and my travelling companion / bearded village idiot / brother, have had to face without our beloved dad. Sadly “people just fade away……”

“Beat these Sunday John…. no bother…. see you at the back of the goals”



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