When the Shit Hits, (out at), the Fan(s)

Talking shite Thursdays……

I’ve been sceptical at best about our owners from the off, that said, they played the fans pretty well and a honeymoon ensued. It’s safe to say that any support and goodwill they had is no more? We’ve all got mates who are full of shit, multiply everything by 10…..

“Tell Chuck Norris I’ll pick him up at 6pm…..”
“The piss take party stops here………”

There’s all manner of analogies…… for arguments sake, ‘if you buy a car for £20’000, rag the arse off it, sell the alloys and CD player, would you expect to get £20’000 for it a few years later?’

Pandemic Parachute Payment Pricks…..

It’s all be said before…… July 31st is 13 days away, the delayed accounts of our owners tenure will be there for all to see…… but like waiting for your school report when you’ve behaved like a dick all year? Let’s see eh??

It’s just a game……

100% true. I’m sure all teams have decent fans….

There’s an exception to every rule??

Joking aside, whilst they have lots of fans who shout at shops, even the Mags will have some decent fans? Yep, football is a beautiful game and football fans are generally decent folk. Obviously I’m biased, but Sunderland fans are decent,  of course they’ll be a few knobs, but it isn’t like a trip to West Ham or Leeds where an element of the locals will often attack visiting supporters on the basis of them being visiting supporters. 

Stewart Donald was militantly backed by the majority of the SAFC support, he fucking loved it.  Any form of abuse is abhorrent and lacks class, since his crown slipped……

  • December 29th – he made a load of noises that he didn’t feel safe to go to the game. The 4500 travelling fans were tremendous that day. Game of opinions…….. but it’s almost as if he was disappointed that it didn’t turn out to be about him?
  • January…. Charlie says SD is not attending games because of abuse, 3 weeks later the story changes to he’s just catching up with family and he didn’t receive any abuse
  • Portsmouth Away, the lower echelons of the media are fed a story that SD and his son were abused leaving the match…. story disappears 
  • SD says his 12 year old daughter is hassled at a bus stop in an Oxfordshire village by 3 Sunderland fans
  • As aforementioned, any abuse is wholly unacceptable….. surely if such instances happened, Northumbria, Hampshire and Oxfordshire Police would be a better point of contact that the Daily Star and The Jim White Show? Game of opinions as always.

On the subject of personal abuse, the way that an individual SAFC fan has been singled out by our owners is abhorrent.  


Let it go….. why worry?

I’m a huge believer that worrying about things you cannot affect is a waste of time….. if it was a mate being a knob, you’d sack him off…… if it was a job, you’d leave……if it was a relationship, you’d end it…..yes I’m bored with Donald, I’ve had enough of reading and writing about him…… but this is different, this is football, this is Sunderland, walking away is not an option, he’ll be gone in time, we’ll still be here……..

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