1pm Wimbledon Cognitive Dissonance Away Days – In Review

Lots has been said and written about whether we should be carrying on playing or not, like most football fans I’m in a state of Cognitive Dissonance towards this subject, but for now The Show Goes On…..Theres loads of games left, there’s loads of points to play for, a run of 3 wins propels us to where we want to be…. obviously it’s not a must win today, but it feels like this is the time to kick on? We play 3 of the divisions poorer teams in the next 8 days, whilst it’s all relative, Division 3 this season is worse than it’s been since we decided to join in 2018. I’d class Wimbledon as a poor team, the fact that we have been poor on a number of occasions this season, means there’s obviously no guarantees…. but….. Wimbledon, Plymouth, Shrewsbury in the next 8 days and Gillingham at home at the end of the month…. If we are going to kick on, surely now is the time? Whilst it was absurd how the EFL decided the league last season, there’s every chance of a similar scenario, Points Per Game could well come to the fore, let’s get some games won ASAP!

SAFCBlog contacted the EFL to see if they had any plans…. they said, “Piss off, we are busy working on COVID Contingency Protocol Planning”

Lazy Journalism Rovers 0 vs Cutting Edge Athletic 1, (Blog, S, 16)

Statistics are a huge part of High End Sports Reporting, whilst useful they can be presented in different ways. Since taking charge of SAFC, Lee Johnson has overseen….. just 1 defeat in 7 games….. not won a home league game……..failed to win 57% of their games…… only lost 14% of their games….. yep, stats can say whatever you want, depending on your audience, your agenda etc. We are undoubtedly in limbo, but we looked decent the other night, I’ll back anyone in charge of SAFC, and there’s absolutely no reason why LJ can’t make a success of us, I’m always pretty optimistic about all things SAFC and there’s no reason for us not to gain automatic promotion this season, absolutely no reason at all.

LJ – Wish he’d ditch the coat, but apart from that, so far so good⚽️👍

As aforementioned just reeling out stats and figures is akin to Lazy Journalism…… no such issues at SAFCBlog, always keen to up my game, I’ve done a graph to show Form vs Fixtures since LJ arrived……. There’s been loads of famous mathematicians over the years, before Vorderman and Riley, there were the likes of Newton, Pythagorus and Archimedes.

Time for the numbers game…… “4 from the bottom row and 2 large ones please Carol…..”
SAFC Performances under LJ – all pretty self explanatory

Pre Teamsheet Teamsheet Thoughts…..

None – it’s 12.30pm and the teams are already out

Actual Teamsheet Teamsheet Thoughts…….

No great surprises, Power has had his best 2 games of the season at RB, realistically it’s either McGeady or Maguire in this set up and Aiden is playing better than Chris. Whilst I’ve been hugely unimpressed by O’Brien, he played well on Tuesday so deserves his start and it’s amazing what goals can do for strikers. Grigg, Graham and Dobson not involved, (albeit Grigg through injury), I’d possibly not expect to see any of those 3 in a SAFC shirt again. Willis and Wright is encouraging, they are out best CB pairing by a mile. Hopefully Willis will provide more of a threat from corners, we lack pace which means set pieces are huge for us, we had 17 corners on Tuesday and never really threatened, SAFCBlog’s hard earned £10 is on Willis to open the scoring today……

Get yourself up for corners Jordan ⚽️

1pm – GAME ON……..

6 minutes…… 1-0💥⚽️….. whilst the match reports will refer to it as a tap in, it was a great team goal and exactly the type of goal we don’t score enough of. Good ball from Embleton….. Great awareness from O’Brien….. Wyke arriving bang on time, the ball was slightly behind him, it was a much better finish than it first looked. Perfect start.

HALF TIME…… 1-0…. happy enough with that, we deserve to be ahead. We know better than anyone than 1-0 is not far away from 1-1, stating the obvious – but another goal would be ideal.

As mentioned earlier, Wright and Willis CB pairing is huge to us. Bailey Wright is a much better centre half than he is a footballer if that makes sense? The athleticism and mobility of Willis allows Wright to not get out of position and almost act as an old school CH.

SECOND HALF…… Terrible game

86 MINUTES….. Great goal from Wyke💥⚽️…. 2-0 job done

They hit the post, then we hit the post

91 MINUTES……Great goal from Wyke 💥⚽️….. 3-0 job very much done


JOB DONE – Piss the league; pass it on……

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