Accrington 1 vs Sunderland 1….. Absolutely Nowhere Near Good Enough

We played well vs a good Wycombe team, an average Lincoln team did a job on us, today we visited Accrington, (who are crap).

Go West……

I don’t live in the North East, my favourite away trips are to the North West, Accrington is only about 80 minutes from SAFCBlog HQ, (with a piss stop),

It’s even a nice drive…..

Locals > 2 hands > 12 fingers

Healthy intake of ale pre match…,

The Match…..

1st Half

Just a really, really bad game

2nd half

Slightly better

Deflected goal….. take the win and move on, that’s what successful teams do on days like today?
Crap game > they down to 10 men > job done > hopefully never come to this shithole again….

6 Minutes to go……

  • We fuck about with a short corner as usual
  • They breakaway and score
  • We had a man advantage and we are caught 2 vs 1 on the counter attack in a game we are winning 1-0? Piss poor game management is a very generous assessment

Lee Johnson….

It’s no secret where I’m at with him, but for the 2nd time in 4 days we were piss poor for 45 minutes- but didn’t change anything? I’m always mindful of post match interviews as the managers have to do them…. I’ve just watched LJ and he said, “it was a very professional away performance for 85 minutes”… wasn’t Lee, it was absolutely fucking dreadful. Our ball retention was shite again….. to concede as we did was akin to kids football. No secret where I’m at with LJ.

Accrington is a great day out, sadly we will be back next season….. I really, really hope I’m wrong, but we are in year 4 now, in year 1 we failed to achieve under Jack Ross….. feels horribly similar?


No gripe with Accrington…… they must love being at the same level as us…… but, let’s not pretend otherwise, today was totally unacceptable and nowhere near good enough….. I quite pleased I don’t have to go to a game midweek

There’s a man I know…. At least I used to years ago….

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