Aiden McGeady

It’s the close season and not much happening…. then your best player signs a new deal on, (reportedly), 50% of his current earnings…

We all know that certain players earn plenty and it could be argued that playing footie is an ok job? But…. hats off Aiden; not many would have done the same? Rodwell an easy target? But…. would McNair, Januzaj, Gomez, Larson, even Cattermole have done the same? Basically NO.

When Defoe came to SAFC ~ there was a concern it was a pay day move, thankfully it wasn’t


McGeady coming after 93 caps and playing Champions League could have aroused suspicion of him not being arsed? Total opposite ~ best outfield player last season by a mile…

Late goal at Wembley earned a share of the Checkatrade Trophy
Too good for L1?
We should piss this league I’d say?

Wembley play off defeat was horrible, but couple of good signings, coupled with the right manager in place, added to some real quality already at the club… I’m convinced we will win the league!


So…. in summary: fair play Aiden. He’s obviously settled in the North East ~ despite playing for Eire/Ireland/Republican Ireland. Aiden is actually from Scotchland.

Scotchland is the northern most point of England, it has two towns; Edinburgh, (rough), and Glasgow, (rougher). Lots of scotch people choose to live in England and they specialise in talking about how good scotchland is. Conversely, English people are not made welcome up there.

McGeady actually hails from Rutherglen…

Rutherglen ~ everywhere in scotchland looks the same?

Also from Lanarkshire is Lulu ~ she’s no Felicity Kendall, but she’s looking good for he age I’d say?


The scotch have their own committee, a few years ago they thought about going it alone ~ but if the oil drys up; there’s only so much Iron Bru, (shit tizer), and Lard, (scotch butter), you can sell to drive an economy.

Nick Sturgess ~ Scotch King

Pool player John Higgins is about the only other famous Lanarkcastrian

Snooker ~ fucking hard. BUT….. if you don’t have to change your shoes, it is NOT a proper sport!?

Anyway….. McGeady signed, Ross staying, loads of good youth, Duncan raring to go, Grigg threatening to move…. let’s fucking smash this league! Last time Charlton beat SAFC at Wembley, we then pissed the league, (definitely), and they came back down, (maybe)

Stop crying your heart out, roll with it and don’t look back in anger