“And we’re changing our ways, Taking different roads…. and it’s something so good, just can’t function no more…….”

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There’s nowt better…. win on a saturday and then 3 sleeps and it’s Tuesday night at the home of football under the lights. How good would it be to there tomorrow? Whilst Saturday is the day we play the game, a Tuesday night is just mint…. the corresponding matchday last year, we hammered a hapless Tranmere 5-0….

This Tuesday last year, whilst I was happy enough skulling Krombacher in the back of the car, no one could foresee how much I’d miss a night out with a man who gets lost every time he drives a car and an idiot who has ironed his jumper?
5, (five), fucking 0, (zip)⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️

Stay home Tuesday Club…..

It’s shite, but it’s how it is., so that’s the deal unfortunately, for further updates tune into the BBC or SKYNews, as they can be relied upon to spout utter shite.

Memory fades over time, but…. I don’t think I’ve seen The Alex at the SOL?.

“All Blaster Bates aren’t we?”

Tomorrow’s team……

As alluded to on numerous occasions, I really like the look of this team. SAFCBlog is built on positivity, sometimes this positivity is challenged by the performances on the pitch…. game of opinions etc, but despite the popular opinion, I think Wyke will score in the region of 20 goals this season. He’s obviously a confidence player….. I genuinely think he will end the season a hero?

If this doesn’t see me in clover, I’m a fucking Dutchman 🇳🇱
“Pickford gleed uit en dat Virgil Van Dyke so zacht is als de site, even spel van meninge zoals altiyd, ik zou grab Anna Friel one willen given 🇳🇱 “

Looks like Willis crocked for tomorrow, I’d guess the new bloke from Wolves wil play?

If Music be the food of Life……

I’d be a right fat,(ter) fella! Crewe is near Macclesfield, which was the hometown of Ian Curtis. Stoke is actually closer to Crewe than Macclesfield, but no credible blog ever ended with a shite link to the fat dancer from Take That? Back with more 6/10 shite tomorrow- keep smiling…..

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